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  1. Shot me right in the back of the head while I was playing dice. What a chicken shit.
  2. I get to write the match for Fort Des Moines Rangers in August. Wouldn't be surprised if a few stages will seem familiar.
  3. Thank you CC. Congratulations on the clean shoot.
  4. Riddle me this. Shooter finished stage. Shot gun was last. We moved the unloading table one table over due to splatter. Shooter leaned out of stage placed his shotgun on 1st unloading table with shell in chamber and went to retrieve other guns. Shot gun was moved to new location by another shooter. No penalty was issued because officer said he wasn't given opportunity to clear gun because another shooter moved it. I argued penalty occurred as soon as he let go of gun and it didn't matter whether it was moved later. Penalty?
  5. Looks pretty clear. Once you set it down at the ULT it's too late to remove the shell.
  6. If your shotgun is shot last, and you set it down down at the reloading station, and it leaves your hands, can you still clear empty shells without penalty? My understanding is that if it is your last gun, you can clear it, so long as it never leaves your hands, but once you put it down, it's to late and you get a minor safety.
  7. Well, match went well but I sucked!
  8. I am the match director for the first time tomorrow. First time I have every wrote a match. Wish me luck partners. Hope everyone enjoys it and I don't screw anything up. Zen Shootists get ready for a good time.
  9. It's amazing how fast you can blaze through a stage if you just don't shoot the shotgun!
  10. I think I initially got good advice from those "friends" but now I think they just screw with me.
  11. I am camping outside Witchita tonight. I will be there in the morning. I am supposed to shoot in the 11 o clock warm up match, but not sure if I will be set up in time.
  12. Looking forward to Land Run. Shooting with old friends and meeting new ones! Also looking forward to my shotgun going of when I pull the trigger as opposed to last year!
  13. I used to think these shady characters were helpful. I now think they are sabotaging me. One of these characters tried to trick me into being the only person to wear cowboy clothes to a gathering.
  14. Well, right or wrong, the deed is done. Blue locktite and I won't remove it for cleaning anymore.
  15. It it hard to get out for cleaning?
  16. I keep losing ejector housing screws in my vaqueros. Any advise on how to keep them tight?
  17. JohnWesleyHardin


    I am going to EOT for the first time. My wife, grandson and his friend will be with me. We are camping off the Range. I had to pay a "guest" fee for my wife to be on the range with me, she is a SASS member. They told me she had to pay the guest fee because she will be attending the banquet with me. I am confused about when and where the boys can go and at what cost. I am not even familiar with the layout . Apparently, "spectators" are only allowed at the range on June 21-22. Can anyone explain this to me?
  18. My wife won't dry camp unless no other option.
  19. Anyone stayed at Hidden Valley RV park while shooting at EOT. I reserved a spot for the week but have seen some bad reviews and specifically that the campers are too close together. I am thinking of switching to the KOA in Albuquerque. Any advice?
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