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  1. FYI, I ordered .38 special brass on 1/20/2023. The website said its backorder and I received it on 1/24/2023. Don't hesitate to order it even if it says it's back ordered.
  2. This is incredibly interesting. Everyone should watch it. Wonderful history of our sport and guns generally.
  3. I second three board guys. I had a nice, big, bulky cart for years, and switched to one of their carts. Small, light, perfect size. Have not missed my big cart once.
  4. Those are way cool. I don't like Colt clones but those are as close to the originals as they get. Somebody should snag these. My understanding is that only 2000 were manufactured.
  5. I have a Henry USA 1860 rifle hanging on the wall in my office. Put 8 rounds through it and determined it was too pretty to shoot. Quite a conversation piece.
  6. I have been shooting for 6 years. I have always used trail boss and bought large quantities before it become impossible to get. I have about 1 pound left and will be switching to titegroup once it is gone. Why continue to use the stuff if you have to continously worry about its availability?
  7. I am new to black powder shooting. Do I understand that at the end of the day, regardless of the criteria used, someone just eye balls the actual smoke to see if it is enough. The only issue is what load to compare it to?
  8. Our range has it through the NRA/Lockton Affinity. It's about $1300 per year.
  9. That is a great price. Just saw some at our Walmart for $12.50 a box but limited to 3 boxes a day.
  10. Winchester AA low noise low recoil are still available on line at Bass Pro Shop with free shipping.
  11. I use a 36 bushing with real black
  12. Bass Pro has AA low noise low recoil shells on their website. Free shipping.
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