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  1. Thanks, I need all the info I can get. Chili has been helping me a lot. I have some ROA that I will be shooting once I get some holster.
  2. I don't really want to add anything to the powder/shot
  3. They Claybuster actually resulted in a nice crimp.
  4. AA and Sts. My regular wads are Claybuster 4100. I used another recommendation but they are too short. are too short.
  5. I am new to black powder loading. I'm trying to load shotgun shells. I'm dropping 42 grains of black powder using 7/8 ounces of shot. I need a suggestion for a wad.
  6. You are getting to that age that you should have your procrastinate checked every other year.
  7. I just bought this on the wire yesterday from Neches 50502 for $1000 shipped and haven't even received it yet. Bought a pair today and no longer need this one. Will sell it for what I paid for it.
  8. I have a pair of Jimmy Spurs pistols that I love and the only thing they will set off is Federal primers.
  9. I just started loading shotgun shells this winter. By advice of a friend, I started with a MEC grabber. Seems to be a pretty good press.
  10. Well, we made it to Tombstone and we have some friends outside our cabin.
  11. I was thinking that myself. What a waste of time and resources. Just like airport security.
  12. On my way to EOT. Started in Iowa and going to Tombstone first. I am in line at a border patrol check point with a truck full of guns. Hope still see y'all there.
  13. Doc Noper gun leather. You can find him on Facebook.
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