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Catch a Rabbit

Dutch Wheeler

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Thanks for that, Dutch. Brought back of memories of our Huskey, Nikki.

Danged dog would bring home everything he could get in his mouth. We

would gather them all up and take them to the corner and stack them up

and as folks went by, they would stop and collected what was theirs. 


Nikki had a friend across the street, named Rusty. Rusty was a beautiful

Irish Setter, with long silken hair. These two dogs were best buddies.

Well one afternoon I looked out to the front yard. There was shreds of paper 

and a large pile of dry dog food in the middle of the yard. What the Hey????

My neighbor came over laughing. Seems he had picked up a 50 pound sack

of dry dog food at the store. When he got home  he stacked it outside the garage

while he took some things inside. When he came to get it, it was gone.  He then

spotted Rusy, Nikki, and four other dogs having a party in my yard. The two bandits

had dragged the bag over to my house and opened it up for a party.   When I offered

to pay for the dog food, Grant, Rusty's master? would have none of it. Said the

whole was worth the cost of the dog food. I kinda had to agree with him.:)

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Thank you so much for sharing that.  Yes, we will make it and overcome this invisible threat.  All we need is hope and inner strength. 


Keep the faith!!!!

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He is one of my favorites.  I own his first book and was set to meet him and buy an autographed second book...but this whole business cancelled his book tour.  Oh well.  


I think I've made at least half of the recipes he has on his youtube channel. 

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I love his humor, faith and patriotism not to mention his recipes. Where was he when I was doing cast iron cooking with the Boy Scouts

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