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Penzeys Supports Gun Control

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Email we received from Penzeys Spices today.

Replied:  Remove us from your email list. We will never buy anything from you again. We will also tell all of our friends and neighbors to do the same. Your so called sensible gun laws will do nothing to prevent crime and only effect law abiding citizens.


Wear Orange for Gun Safety!
Penzeys Curry 1/4 Cup Jar
Wear Orange!
Penzeys Orange Apron
Limited Time

Today starts the weekend to Wear Orange to bring awareness to the heartbreaking loss gun violence brings. Change starts with understanding this loss is real and happening to families just like each of ours every single day. Simple changes: mandatory background checks on all gun purchases, waiting periods, blocking assault weapons, mental health awareness, safe securing of firearms, and honest education about how incredibly dangerous having a gun in your house is to every member of your family really can work together to save actual lives. To find a Wear Orange event in your community please click here. Thanks.

And not one but two fundraising offers to help support those working for sensible laws to prevent senseless loss. The first is a $4.29 Penzeys Curry for just $1 with the entire $1 going to set sensible gun laws in motion. If you are already well-stocked on the Penzeys Curry, feel free to pick your $1 Orange Seasoning from Turmeric, Taco Seasoning, Berbere Seasoning, and Penzeys Seasoned Salt. If you order more than one, the highest priced orange seasoning will be the one you are charged $1 for with the rest being regular priced, but rest assured for each of the 1/4 cup Orange Seasonings sold at either $1 or at regular price, $1 will be donated.


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Yep Penzey's went full tilt gun control a couple of years ago.  :( :angry:


I'm trying to remember the other good online store for buying spices.  I ran out of good peppercorns and neeed to buy a couple of pounds.

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My mom asks all the kids for an order from Penzy's every year at Christmas.  I've refused now for several years because of this and so has my brother!!  They ain't getting any support from me!!

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In Dec. of 2016 the Penzy's newsletter called everyone who voted for Trump a homophobic, racist, misogynist bigot. Then doubled down on it with a special message two weeks later defending their statement.  I haven't been back since.  

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When the CEO answered my wife’s letter about his anti Trump rant he told her that he didn’t want business from Trump voters. It worked we don’t buy Penzey spices and neither do a lot of people we know.

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