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Saving a Draft?

Tequila Shooter

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When starting a new post is it possible to save a draft without posting?  I'm wondering because I want to start a post and due to the length and content I'd like to be able to start it save it go back and review it before I post it.

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Can't answer your actual question, but you could copy/paste it to another document and then paste it back to your reply when ready.

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My phone will repopulate the topic body, but not the title; it's actually annoying to have to clear it.


I wouldn't trust it though. I would suggest emailing yourself and copy paste here when you're done editing.

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@Tequila Chase,

          Tyrel is correct in stating that the Topic Body will repopulate, but not the title.

          To further clarify, as you enter text and/or images into the body of a post, and you find that you need to come back later, once you get back to the same area where you were posting, be it a response to a thread, or creating a New Post, the system will automatically enter the text and/or images that you originally posted.

          As indicated in the before and after screen shots below, you will see this to be true.

          In addition, you will be provided with a 1934063544_ClearEditorstatement.JPG.7704cf116d5d63c5cee57717c5859f36.JPG option.

           This will allow you to either accept what the Editor has submitted, or you can Clear the Editor and start anew.

          The caveat to this method of considering your Post in "Draft" mode, is based on two conditions, one of which is currently unknown, as it hasn't fully been tested.


Condition 1:  You must return to the source where you initially entered your information. If you used your phone, and go to your computer, the Editor will not pick it up. If you were using Chrome to get into the SASS website, and you later go to FireFox, the Editor will not pick it up.

Condition 2:  Timing. This issue has yet to be tested. Within a couple of hours, I have found the Editor will replace your information; however, not sure if you come back the next day, say 12 hours later, that the Editor will restore your information.


         The suggestion by Eyesa Horg is a good one, and one I have used in the past, and that is performing a cut and paste to and from WORD.





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I've had the same experience as Cool Gun in that an incomplete reply will come back up later. I discovered it by accident as thought I had posted a reply to someone and when checking the thread later my post wasn't there. Went back down to reply and my whole post was there waiting for me to click "Submit" Duh!

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