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  1. May God Grace her with a full and speedy recovery and to provide hope and comfort to her family and friends.
  2. In my time I've learned that money has a cost. Unless you win it or inherit it you're working for it and other things suffer. I have a sister that was chasing the almighty dollar. She made good money but would work 14+ hours a day sometimes 6 days a week so she was never home. Oh sure she had a nice house and new cars, but she wasn't there when her husband was dying, wasn't there with her kids growing up, it was always work, work, work. Me on the other hand I joined the military, she got mad at me, said I could make more money and have better things as a civilian. I explained that those things were not what drove me and the cost was too high. I never regretted my decision, I was a much better Sailor than a civilian, and I was happy. Today I'm a DV and retired and my sister hasn't spoken to me since 2008. I guess the price of money just keeps going up. I'll never be rich in the money sense but I'm happy with the way my life turned out. I had a calling and followed it, I turned men and women into leaders and I lost men to war and terrorists, but I still hold in my heart that I was in the place I needed to be. Rich? Like Widder said it's all in the stick you measure with.
  3. We did go to both places but I didn't know that they were SASS supporters . I have to say that I wish we could've had 1 or 2 more days. I heard some people talking and they said they loved Bisbee. @Forty Rod SASS 3935 we're heading back to Mississippi from here, hopefully next time out this way we'll get to Tuscon and Prescott.
  4. Heard of "shop to you drop" well that was today. The wife bought 2 new outfits and she bought me a pair of gunfighter boots as an early Christmas gift. I like the boots + they're made in the USA. Tonight it's drinks and music before we leave tomorrow.
  5. I hit one of my bucket list things I made it to Tombstone last night. Had dinner at Big Nose Kate’s. Now going to see a gunfight.
  6. Thanks @Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283 I won't even asked how you got all those great pictures, not to mention knowledge. I noticed one striking difference (besides the roll at the bottom of the case) is the crimp on the bullet. In the picture at least it looks like modern rounds have a lot more crimp than they used to.
  7. @Crisco That was certainly interesting. I bet the cowboy doing it that way couldn't load too many in an hour.
  8. @Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 Thanks! That's what I had in mind, I never knew about Mercury Fulminate being used. I'm glad it's safer than that today.
  9. Bisbee sounded great until the article talked about all the stairs. I'm a DV and stairs and I don't get along. Thanks everyone!
  10. We'll be leaving Las Vegas on 5 Dec, so we'll be in Tombstone late that afternoon. I can stay up to 3 nights which would give us 2 days on the ground. Any suggestions? What's in Bisbee?
  11. @Sedalia Dave it is an interesting read. I just wish they talked more about primer itself. Was it BP or something else? how did they keep the powder in the primer cup? Could you buy new primer cups and make your own primers?
  12. A ballistic vest is not the same as a vest to resist a knife. A prison Correction Officer is better off with a vest that will protect them from slashing and puncture than from a bullet so they usually wear those type. But I don't know of any vest that would stop a crossbow bolt, (I could be wrong, but I've never heard of one).
  13. I'm going to make a side trip to Tombstone, AZ and was wondering if I should plan on 1 or 2 days there. Anyone have any suggestions? Is there much to do there?
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