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Ever dream of a certain gun for years

Trigger Mike

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So there I was from the time I was 12 years old .

I dreamed about  a Winchester  1873 .

Every time My Granddad and I went to the Sporting good store,  I looked at the Winchester  1873's if they had one . 

I have had and collected and fired Many 1894's and 1892 , Even some Marlins .

But that really nice 1873 always eluded me .


Finley I got a Uberti Winchester 1873 in 44 special  (My Favorite caliber )

From a Pard here on the wire .

(He was upgrading I think to a different caliber .)

After many years of waiting for One , My quest was over .


Then I found I did Not like the feel of the rifle at all .

After so many years of shooting the 1892's and 1894's .

I got used to the way the Rifle pulled up for me. 

I put my cheek bone right up against the stock and the sights was right on what I was looking at .

The 1873 I had to raise  my head up off the stock and look for the sights .


The good news was that the Pard who sold me the 1873 44 special right here on the wire ,

Did not care for his new caliber or just missed his Old 73 in 44 special .

He Bought it back form me .


We both lived happily ever after .

Thank you Pard for the experience.

Rooster .  


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I have never been disappointed in a gun that I had yearned for, but there have been a couple of women....



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I have usually found that if I hold off for a few months, my craving for a specific gun will pass.  Except for a S&W 41.  I did buy a used 41 several weeks ago when I found one for a decent price, and man they are nice.  I am sure my bulls eye shooting ability does not do it justice, but it just feels so much better than my Ruger 22's.   What irritates me most is the guns I passed on years ago that at decent prices that I would love to have now. 

There was an 1873 SAA, US property marked, all matching, and still had the 7 1/2 inch barrel, little to no finish, that I passed on for $800 at a gun show.  I pointed the seller to a friend of mine who semi-collected SAA's, which I knew diddly squat about at the time, and he scooped it up.  I knew then I had messed up, did a some research and cried in my beer.  But, live and learn.   My acquaintance kept and displayed the SAA at gun shows for several years, but finally sold it to a real collector of vintage Colt SAA's and Winchester lever guns for more than I would have ever imagined.

I also foolishly passed on a third generation 7 1/2 inch 45 Colt SAA for $500 back in the early 2000's, as my main interest was military 1911's and US long arms.   

Dumb, dumb, dumb, but live and learn    

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On 9/16/2018 at 6:42 AM, Lastcall Ranger said:

Dumb, dumb, dumb, but live and learn    


We've all been there before, Pard. I once lost out on a real cherry WW2 P.38 simply because I didn't know enough abut them and slept on it overnight.

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Pat Riot,


I'm surprised you didn't like the Sig P232! I had wanted one for CCW for several years (after carrying a S&W Chief's Model 60 2" as a backup, then as a CCW for many years), and finally my lovely wife surprised me with one and I've carried it for twenty years and still love everything about it:wub:. It's totally concealable, I enjoy just looking at it because of the perfect symmetry and design. If there's a fault, in my mind, it's that it's not a larger caliber, but I've reconciled to the trade-off that this is a gun I will carry every day, and a larger, heavier gun I likely would not. If a .380 hits you in the right spot, or enough times, it should be pretty annoying. AND, I have complete confidence that every time I pull the trigger something good happens. You can depend on a Sig right out of the box!


Ornery Cuss

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5 hours ago, Matthew Duncan said:

Colt Python in .357 <sigh>


A few years ago I found one that was near-mint for $1600. I thought no way was I gonna pay that much for one. That was the same year The Walking Dead first aired on TV. Now you couldn't even find a broken one that cheap!

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