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  1. This would be great for us Old Farts with arthritic hands and wrists, or who are just tool lazy to reload sometimes. I would have to buy and sneak another revolver into the house, but I'm in.
  2. Thanks for all the inquiries on this rifle, but it is now sold.
  3. On man, I would love to have that. It would take some planning and effort to move, but should be doable. Dan, why did they build San Francisco so far away from South Carolina?
  4. I guess my set up is a little more basic, but has worked for several years. I attached a 1X4 across the bottom of the cart, with a routed 1/2X1/2 slot facing up, and screwed it to the bottom of the cart. Cut a piece of 1/2 diameter bar to length, drilled a hole on each end for a snap pin, slid it thru the slot in the 1X4, and attached wire spoke wheels purchased at Northern Hydraulics. Put a large fender washed between each wheel and the cart, and just a washer between each wheel and the snap pin. I played with the location of the 1X4 on the bottom of the cart before mounting to be sure the cart would balance when loaded and tilt easily to push. Has worked real well so far, and achieved a goal of using as much scrap material I already had as possible. I made mine out of 3/4 plywood and painted it confederate gray. I can quickly take the wheels off and lay it down in the back of my truck or my wife's SUV. With 3/4 plywood, it is a little heavy, but that's what I had available.
  5. Do it for your country. If all we bought was what we needed, the American economy would come to a standstill.....
  6. Picked up the Vaqueros sold by Bad Company, and they were exactly as described. Great guy to do business with, thanks.
  7. I had been a life long fan and Customer at Lowes. Had them install new Pella windows, my wife had them do a kitchen make-over with new appliances and counters, and I always bought from them for the updates and home repair/update needs I did. Then, we had them install laminate flooring in our house, it was a nightmare. The installer did not leave enough clearance at the walls, and the floor boards buckled at the seams as they expanded. We had left the flooring packages in the house for about a month before installation to equalize the moisture levels., so that wasn't the problem. They came back, pulled up the floor in the foyer, and fixed that room. Still the rest of the house floors looked with a wavy ocean where the boards met. In one of my complaint trips to Lowes, the inside sales rep asked who the Lowes contractor was, I told him, and he advised me they no longer used them as an installer due to the number of complaints they had with their installations. Then Lowes told me the problem was mine, that my twenty-five year old house had "suddenly" developed a moisture problem, and that was why the floor looked so bad. My termite inspector runs a check under the house annually, and has seen no issues. If I cannot find it at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or anywhere else, I will go to Lowes, but never, never again for an installation.
  8. it is pretty, I wish it was in .45 Colt or 38 Special. I hate to try to load two calibers for matches, so I'm leaving in in the box until I can move it.
  9. That reminded me of my Dad. He and Mom bought the only new car he ever bought in 1966, a Ford Fairlane 500XL. I was in my early teens, we were living in hot and humid south GA was tired of folding over the the front seat to get in the back of our 1957 Chevrolet. I complained to Dad that he had not gotten air conditioning, four doors, or an automatic transmission on the new Ford, and she schooled that me that those were just more things to break...... When I went looking to buy my first new truck, I decided I wanted to get on with a manual tranny, as I always enjoyed driving manuals. The only ones I could find without automatic transmissions were a few base model work trucks. The simple days are gone.
  10. You try to break something in and soften or loosen it up for someone, and that's what happens. As a gun show buddy I have commonly says "No good deed goes unpunished."
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