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    WW I and WW II surplus and cowboy firearms, and the history associated with both. Basic gun fixing. Long range precision rifles and how they are built.

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  1. Excellent barely used condition. I bought it when I planned to switch from .45 Colt to .38 Special to reduce recoil, but then I found a pair of slicked up NMV's at a good price, so never used this one. As best I can tell, this is a stock pistol with no mods made. The grips do have a few nicks on them. If you need additional images, let me know I will do my best to provide them on a timely basis. $850 shipped to your FFL.
  2. These are in excellent condition, I just don't use them much any more. Includes Zeiss neck strap and Zeiss leather case. $850 shipped.
  3. German Pistols and Holsters - 1934-1945 - Volume III by Robert D. Wittington III. First Edition, numbered 628, printed 1990. Wittingon's books are a resource for anyone collecting WW II German pistols and/or holsters. Excellent condition, but does have the remnants of a few book store stickers on the back cover and and inside front cover. I have sold my German pistols, so no longer need. $100.00 shipped.
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