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    WW I and WW II surplus and cowboy firearms, and the history associated with both. Basic gun fixing. Long range precision rifles and how they are built.

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  1. I have a like new .45 Colt Uberti 1866 rifle (24 inch octagon barrel) I have never shot. Got it in a trade with the goal of trading it for an 1873 in .45 Colt. If interested in the 1866, let me know. Thanks.
  2. Thank you, sir. I"m pretty confident of Pedersoli quality and consistency, but Chiapa is an unknown to me.
  3. Does anyone know who makes the Winchester 1886 45-70 Take Down rifle for them? Is it Chiapa or Pedersoli? I've looked all over their website and cannot find that information. Thanks.
  4. Thanks gentlemen. I should be able to find what I want from one of these sources.
  5. Somewhere I remember seeing a leather lace on butt stock cover that would convert a curved butt stock to a shotgun style butt stock without cutting the stock by using some sort of padding inside the cover,. Now that I want one, I cannot find it. Is my memory deceiving me, or do any of you know who sells this type of product? Thanks.
  6. This would be great for us Old Farts with arthritic hands and wrists, or who are just tool lazy to reload sometimes. I would have to buy and sneak another revolver into the house, but I'm in.
  7. Thanks for all the inquiries on this rifle, but it is now sold.
  8. On man, I would love to have that. It would take some planning and effort to move, but should be doable. Dan, why did they build San Francisco so far away from South Carolina?
  9. Do it for your country. If all we bought was what we needed, the American economy would come to a standstill.....
  10. it is pretty, I wish it was in .45 Colt or 38 Special. I hate to try to load two calibers for matches, so I'm leaving in in the box until I can move it.
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