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Disappointed in our Judicial System

Captain Bill Burt

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1 hour ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

Right now I am very disappoined in the Military Judicial System as well.  :angry::angry:

To say the least


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1 hour ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:


I'm at a total loss.  If there was one place that I expected the punishment to fit the crime, it would be in a military tribunal.


How could this happen?




This could be a mistake, but heck, I've made 'em before.


I'm probably among the few people I know that aren't shocked or necessarily overly disappointed at the decision.


From the facts as I understand them, Bergdahl:
Was basically kept in a cage for five years, has permanent nerve damage in both feet from the cage;

Was tortured, but attempted to "keep the faith" as a soldier captured by the enemy;

Was willingly immensely helpful to the intelligence community regarding his captors and their tactics and methods upon his return;

Was probably let down by the military by even letting him join the Army, after washing out of the Coast Guard.


By simply going with the dishonorable discharge, the result is that Bergdahl can get NO veteran's benefits. Cannot take advantage of GI Bill, cannot get loans, cannot get healthcare, particularly mental healthcare, can never own a firearm, and will have a difficult time getting a job of any worth. If he had gone to prison, we, the taxpayers would be footing the bill for his medical care and his mental healthcare. I don't think he is planning on a sex change like Manning, but think about that for just a moment. Additionally, since the case, by my understanding, will automatically go to an appellate board, it makes it nearly impossible for his defense team to make any claim about the decision being influenced or anything else.


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8 minutes ago, Whiskey Business said:

He fared better than the good men that died for him. Tell that to the grieving families.


Despite early reports that six men died for him, that has since been contradicted in official channels, as well as reports looking into it. This is including statements from his Brigade Command Sergeant Major.


One severe traumatic brain injury and one injury leading to amputation can be directly attributed to the search for him. 

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6 minutes ago, Whiskey Business said:

That is still horrible.



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