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Rossi 92 .45 Kicking Out Live Rounds - SUCCESS!!!

Pat Riot, SASS #13748

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I have been watching this thread with great interest. And with Pat's problem being solved I gave trying to fix my Rossi spiting out 160grn 45lc live rounds one more try. Following all the tips, tricks and dimensions posted here I ended up with a .010 shim made from a feeler gauge.


Went outside and cycled 30 160grn rounds without any malfunctions. WooHoo! Going to to live fire testing this afternoon, using both 160 and 200grn bullets.


The 160's OAL is 1.495.  And the 200, which has not given me any trouble is 1.575.



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So happy to hear you got your rifle fixed Frontier Mick. These guys that come on and give their two cents worth are all spirit of the game helpers or what ever you want to call them.


This Cowboy action stuff, SASS and all other clubs and such are all fantastic folks and go out of their way to help in all areas.



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Feeler Gage's make great shims, but bond typing paper can be used as well.  Paper thickness varies from about .004" to about .006" or so.  It's easy to measure the thickness and to cut out.  After you determine the thickness of shim you need, you can replace the paper with a feeler gage.


Or if you're lazy like me, you can just leave the paper shim forever.

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