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Got the info Thanks to all --- Bullet Best OAL

Rootin Tootin

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I have a stock 1894 Cowboy Limited in 357/38. I use a 130 grain bullet TCFT. In your experience what is the best OAL to minimize jamming when levering fast in our game.........


I once owned a Carty Marlin but it was limited to 38's with a OAL of 1.42.........What is the best for a stock gun????


Thanks RT



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Hi Rootin

Before I switched to short stroked Marlins which require shorter bullets, my Marlins ran best with 1.48 to 1.49 OAL. I hope this helps you.

Flat Top

PS: Are you shooting Land Run with us? I know several of the Iowans are.

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All the above should get you in the 'ball park'.


If you know how to tweak your timing, you can set it pretty safe to run just about any reasonable length..... or I should say, ALL reasonable lengths.


But basically, 1.50 +/- should serve your well.




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If you want to run the 1.40+ in the stock Marlin, you can have your timing 'advanced' by having a good TIG welder add some height to your carrier ramp, especially the lower half of the ramp and then let the weld kinda 'bleed' into the upper section of the ramp.


Last summer, I set up a .38/.357 Cowboy to run anything from 1.38 up to 1.56, if I remember correctly.

I do remember that it ran .38 longs, .38 specials and .357 mag ammo.




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Thanks to all. I think I have it now. Widder, easier to get the correct OAL than for me to TIG weld...Thanks for info. Looks like 1.50 is going to work. I'll get some built next week and try them..


I'll be back if they jam......THANKS AGAIN RT

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