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WIdder's Soft Stroke Henry .22


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A shout out to my sweet Gunfighter friend, Widowmaker Hill! Tommy and I finally got to shoot our .22 Henry's with your "soft stroke" and Slater's triggers! What fun they are! SMOOTH and FUN!! I wonder if I can sneak past the loading officer and shoot the Henry instead of my Widdermatic .32 H & R Marlin? They're used to me loading through the tube already! :) haha


Seriously, this game is full of wonderful folks and a lot of them are shooters and gunsmiths - Surly Dave, WIdder, Slater, Three Cut, Fast Eddie, Boomstick Jay, Jimmy Spurs... and, seems I have a special place in my heart for cowboys...and gunsmiths!





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Thanks Scarlett. Glad you and Billy the Avenger like em.


I like your list of gunsmiths/leathersmiths. Mine would also include:



Curly Bill Kelly

Doc Noper

Slick McClade

Johnny Meadows



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I have also enjoyed my Widder soft stroke Henry,as have my friends who shot with it. The only problem I have is maintaining enough 22 bullets . Lucky for me,I have a source for ammo. Excellent work by Widder and Slater,plus a good friend.

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Well said Scarlett


Mine was worth every penny

I enjoy shooting it and I really enjoy letting other shooters try it

Thanks again


Billy the Avenger


Yea Boy !!


I shot Billy's at Paradise Pass. I shot it one time and took at least one second off my time in the 22 combo shoot over my Marlin. Once I got used to it who knows how fast I could run it. Of course I used Billy's ammo too... Maybe it was his ammo ?!

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