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1942 - 90mm AAA In Action

Subdeacon Joe

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Thanks for sharing, it has a personal connection.


My aunt built 90mm cannons during WW2, a "Rosie the a Riveter".


My dad, my uncle, and her boyfriend were at war. She left the farm at 18 and with her girl friends, went to the big city to work at Dixon Gun Works building 90mm cannons.


She was responsible for heat treating the barrels, she knew what happened if the steel wasn't strong enough, she always thought of her two brothers and boyfriend while doing her job.


Her boyfriend didn't come back, he was on a B24 that went down.

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There were a lot of boys that didn't come back, Louie.


So many gold starts in the windows in my small town.


Thanks for so many like your aunt that stepped up to fill

the gap in the line. :FlagAm:

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