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Isn't logic a Wonderful Thing

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I've been shaking my head repeatedly over the last several days; some folks in DC seem to believe that what they want, regardless of what the PEOPLE want, is what we should have.


This is as clear an exlanation of the situation as I have been able to find.




Now, if the other 1/2 of the Congress and the President would just do their jobs, and work out a deal that all can live with, we could get on with business. This "I will not negotiate" nonsense is selfish beyond reason.



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Mr. Sowell makes a very valid point.


But Mr. Obummer and Mr. Reid are not going to

upset their apple cart for a minor thing like truth

and Justice and the American Way.


Where is that masked man when we need him so desperately.

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Of course, you realize that the 'defunding' of the ACA doesn't stop it? It only stops the Federal government from assisting the states and individuals in participating in it. So, we will pay for it one way or the other. Either by state taxes going up to cover the additional costs or, if we qualified for a subsidy, our paying more for health insurance.

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