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Hey Chickasaw Bill

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Them Fräuleins could make a good boy go bad.


We had two guys in our barracks that would sneak out after lights out

to visit. Never got caught but did spend some time in the Dispensary.

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Got am e-mail today from the guy at Hardy USA. Sent my reel in and he said that he had fixed it and would send it back but I should call him. He is is Pennsylvania and I didn't get the message until after five his time. So I will call him in the morning. Think I dodged the bullet on this one. Gave me a price that was well below what I expected. It even included shipping. He got the reel yesterday so that is a very good turn around on it. Looking for a good outcome on this one.


Back to medico tomorrow also. For a retarded feller, I sure am busy.

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I know how that goes, back when I hunted I always saw way more deer in town than I did up in the hills. At my mom's house she often has deer in her yard, and even had a cow elk and calf take up residence in her fenced back yard.

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Well, the wind storm came through and the power went off. Either a squirrel farted or a tree fell.

But I wasn't there so it didn't make any noise. Goth generator cranked up and ran it until bed time last night. Had to go out for gas and that was fun too,


Everything came back on line about 0200 hours. Except the cable box in the livning room. The TV in the kitchen and the one down in the Rec room worked, but the big joe, no soap.


My yard looks like a saw mill with cedar fronds and fir branches all over it.

The leaf blower will get a work out tomorrow, but not today.


Maybe my reel will come in tomorrow.

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Well I got the line back on the little 2 wt reel. I am thunking of going chironimid fishing with it,.

Have you ever done so? Want to try out my new strike indicator on it. Maybe some shrimp patterns too.

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I tend to use an ANT patteran or what I call a FLOSS fly on the 2 wt .


most of the trout fishing I do , is sight fishing


the yarn indicator , does not mess with you as bad as some of the others


i prefer the small round ones about the size if a pea or a tad bigger , you will have to open the loop some when using these


GOOD LUCK , if ya get to go out , I figure I am stuck here today



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