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Hey Chickasaw Bill

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Some drunken fly fisher and fly tyer decided to get cute and name them. I scoff at the names that are give to fly dressings

Most are just reworks of the old masters with a different color or different feather, etc.


I like the soft hackles because they are simple. Partridge and orange/Partridge and green/ Partridge and peacock/

starling and black/crow and white/ what ever.

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did ya feed it to him or did he think it was his share of your dinner ?


Buddy thinks , what is his, is his and what is suppose to be mine , is HIS


CB :lol:

Yep. I guess the fault lies with me. I feed him.

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Captain Jack came and got me to watch TV with him. Now he is sacked out and Momma went to take her shower. I will take him around 9:30 and then we will both go to bed.

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Know what you mean. I wuz thunking that Friday would be just the ticket.



But Momma reminded me that I am going to take her to Costco tomorrow,

then a trip the the bone cracker. Maybe I can get out for a bit early in the




Next question: Should I head for the river, the lake or the Sound. Should I take

the fly rod and if so, which one, or should I take the virgin coffee grinder & rod that

still has the stink on it?

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I could do that.


Tell me, Chickasaw. Did you really shoot Bambi?


If I am throwing bead head buggers in the river, it will be

the 8 wt. Full floater or sink tip.

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Another day, more rain. A road trip is in the cards today, to the river.

Going by the fly merchant's this morning to get some BWO thread and

Some yarn. Found a place on line to buy hooks that are barbless, for

a lot less than the locals have them. Maybe I will check out that 6 wt

and a new reel while I am there. Just love to play touchy, feely, with

new hardware.


If the rain slacks off I will try out my 2 wt with a couple of bead heads

over at the lake.

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