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SASS shooters get no respect

Dang It Dan 13202

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Take anyone who thinks that a good cowboy action shooter can't stand next to any other good shooter in some other discipline, and show them "Duel In The Sun." The results were...not surprising.


As Michael Bane says, "Good shooters... shoot good!"


As to target distances; no match is easy, once you get some speed going. Think the targets are too easy? Try going faster.


It does seem to be one of the unique characteristics of our game, but, as each discipline has its own tips and tricks, shooting 5 yard pistol targets with SA pistols, at speed, is no simple matter. It takes countless hours of training to get as fast as our top shooters; had they expended that amount of talent and effort on any other discipline, they'd be right there at the top.


And cowboys are nicer than most.




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JEDI Madd Mike:


back when you was 9 (probably 60 years ago... :lol: ) rocks were plentiful.....and FREE for your sling shot!


such ain't the case today with primers, powder and $$$.




so hypotheticly, if the price of land goes up

does that mean sling shot ammo components, does too



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I don't worry about what other people think .......



..... most of the time they don't ......

The question comes down to, do we change? Will it make a difference? Why change something that's working? How much of a change? And will they respect us afterwards because we wear Cowboy clothes, hats, and boots to shoot? Or wil that have to go also? If we do make changes, how many will stay with the changes?

Also, why do we care if other shooting disciplines say they don't respect us? Compared to our equipment for WB, and theirs, with openings in their semi pistols, it looks like 2 magazine could be shoved in at once. Its our game, and its their game, as different as chess and checkers, thought the same board can be used to play both.

As to respect, I respect many of the TOP shooters in our game, and how they achieved times I never expected to see, and records still being broken. But respect doesn't just come from the "firing line", its also how you handle yourself away from the line. MT

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