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Come On Christmas

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I used to have one made by Hoppes (methinks) years ago. What manufacters and retailers sell a good one THAT YOU HAVE USED. Have mercy on a poor boy. Ya know the type that has spikes what press into the ground.


My bud Texas Dalton and I are gonna shoot redneck trap on the land in front of his house with 410's to my new single shot 10 gauge.


Shameless :~>=

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I have two.


They both have five fingers, well, technically four fingers and a thumb each, and they are at the ends of my arms.


:D :D


Sorry, but I'm sure someone else can give you a more helpful answer.



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I've had a Trius Trap thrower for about 25 years. I mounted it on an old bike rack and it slides into my trailer hitch. Works great. You can sit on the tail gate and throw skeet while your partner shoots them. And all the torque is used to throw the skeet and not move the thrower around. It doesn't move that Dodge Ram at all.

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Thanks! That is what I be talking about.


I can always count on the straight dope here and from Lyman (or their suppliers anyway).




Shameless :~€

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