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Anyone use a Lyman Turbo 2200 Case Tumbler with Auto-Flo

Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

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Wondering if any of you have the Lyman Turbo 2200 Case Tumbler with Auto-Flo? They get good reviews online. Does the auto flo work well? thanks for your responses.

I've got one.....tumbles just fine.....autoflow works......but i still dump it in a dillon bin media separator.....old habits die hard I guess......





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Don't have one, but I would think with the auto flo you would still have media inside the brass, might be wrong, but I can't see how all the media gets out without leaving some in the brass, I like the old method better, pour in tumbler and turn, never have had any media in the brass so far, knock on wood



All for now JD Trampas

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I have one of them, and also two of the Cabelas units. I do not like the 2200. First off, it does NOT do as good of a job cleaning the brass that the other two do. Next, the Auto-flo does Not get the media out of the cartridges very well... I still have to tumble them in a media separator. Next... I have found it impossible to use the Auto-Flo without getting media all over the floor. I purchased a extra bowl for the Cabelas unit and put it on the 2200. This produced much better results in cleaning the cases. The 2200 is considerably more quiet than the Cabelas units, but it simply does not do as good of a job. You can buy 2 of the Cabelas units and still have money left for the price of the 2200.


I'm sure that others have different opinions, but I clean a lot of brass, and as you know, I shoot BP. The 2200 just is not as aggressive as the cheaper units, a quick glance while in action will immediately reveal that the circulating action on the Cabelas units is about twice as fast as the 2200. That speed picked up a little when I changed the bowl, but it is still not as fast as the Cabelas. The Cabelas unit is also virtually the same as the Frankford Armory, MFG and some other names.


My recommendation is to stay away from the 2200 Auto-flo tumbler.... you can buy a much more effective tumbler for a LOT less money.



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I don't have the 2200 ,,,, but I have the 2500 with Auto flo ....

I also have the Hornady unit ,,,, which I much prefer !!!

I wish I had bought the NON AUTO FLO version the thing the auto flo does best is make a mess ...

I use it as a non AUTO-Fol unit ,,,,,, To cheap to buy a new non Auto-flo bowl set ...


But unless I need to clean over 400 cases at a time I use the Hornady ...



Jabez Cowboy

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