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  1. I always check screws on revolvers and rifle before I even leave home, as some have said I never have taken off the ejector housing, only around 4 threads so to speak, use blue locktite, ran out once and then I went to clear fingernail polish, that works just as good as the blue locktite, lucky I didn't have to buy the clear finger nail polish, most woman have it and I was lucky, the girl friend had it, later I bought the blue locktite for other things but still use the clear finger nail polish. All for now JD Trampas
  2. Glad you got it going, at least you have a month to get it fixed before the shooting season starts here. Ok, what was the fix for it, just curious. All for now JD Trampas
  3. Just guessing here, but that detent spring if I remember right what it is called has to be in the perfect position, like I said a guess, worth checking it out and maybe go to ruger and view a video. I'm no gunsmith but I'm sure others will chime in and tell you with the correct answer. All for now JD Trampas
  4. For the money we pay for dues it is very hard to figure out why they can't get this website up to date and speedy. Other websites are faster than this and I don't pay a dime to belong to them and I also post on those with no problems. I think SASS needs to hire a IT guy to run this or at least get somebody that knows what is going on. If this keeps up I'm believing quite a few people will not renew when it comes time, they rely on this forum to ask questions and get answers and also to learn about cowboy things. This is not the first this has happened, it seems like this goes on and on and on all the time, it gets fixed and then a week later back to the old slow wire, getting pretty old real fast, listen up SASS, get it together. All for now JD Trampas ( and it took awhile to log in and post this, what a shame )
  5. It is slow for sure, I would say granny gear and now I'm outta here All for now JD Trampas
  6. Sure is slow for sure, took forever for this to come up to reply and logging in I almost gave up, they need to do something real quick, my other sites that I go to are ok All for now JD Trampas
  7. Don't know anything about Dicks sporting goods, never been in one and we have one here in Des Moines. A few years back I was at Bass Pro, seen a smith and wesson revolver that appealed to me, looked at it, ask the saleman to take off the trigger guard and he said company policy can't do it, I told him you just lost sale and I won't be back in this store again, and I haven't. After that I went to Sportsmans Warehouse and looked at a smith and wesson revolver and I bought that one plus I bought a ruger LCR revolver at the same time. No trigger guards on any guns in this store, haven't been there for a spell so not sure about now, things could have changed. All for now JD Trampas
  8. Get ahold of Outlaw Gambler, he has parts for these guns, his website is www.classicoldwestarms.com if I remember right, he might post on here if he sees this, good pard to deal with All for now JD Trampas
  9. I hang my rig on a wooden dowel that I picked up some place, it is a small square piece of wood with the dowel coming out of it at a angle, I buckle it and then hang it, works for me. It is hung on wall beside the gun safe, also hang the shotgun belt on it also. All for now JD Trampas
  10. Hi JD,

    Now you have a comment too. It's been good seeing you around.


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