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  1. I get my hard boiled eggs at Walmart, already done, no peeling and ready to go, 6 to a package, I eat 2 everyday, tried boiling them one time, didn't turn out very good, granted it is cheaper to boil them yourself compared to buying them already done, but I like it done and ready to go and no hassle. All for now JD Trampas
  2. Yes I wish he still posted, he is the man for colts, if you are reading this Sixgun, I still have the colt I bought from you All for now JD Trampas
  3. Get ahold of Outlaw Gambler, he has parts for these guns, his website is www.classicoldwestarms.com if I remember right, he might post on here if he sees this, good pard to deal with All for now JD Trampas
  4. I hang my rig on a wooden dowel that I picked up some place, it is a small square piece of wood with the dowel coming out of it at a angle, I buckle it and then hang it, works for me. It is hung on wall beside the gun safe, also hang the shotgun belt on it also. All for now JD Trampas
  5. Hi JD,

    Now you have a comment too. It's been good seeing you around.


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