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  1. Just throwing my 2 cents out, Sturgis is expecting 250,000 bikers, this is the 80th anniversary and usually on the anniversary dates which is every 5 years they usually get over 500,000 and more, so basically there are 250,000 people staying home, I used to go to Sturgis every year, but haven't been there since 2003 and don't plan on going back for the time being anyway. All for now JD Trampas
  2. Ruger must have a got a heck of deal on them new boxes and personally I think they are ugly, I prefer the smaller gray case myself. You ask and I answered, hate the new box but hindsight I don't plan on buying any new rugers in the near future, have to many now LOL All for now JD Trampas
  3. I would go with the Road King myself, I had one and wish I still had it, traded it for a triglide, just wish I would have kept it. Now as far as Indians, I personally don't like the looks of them and never have even the oldies, just me. As someone pointed out they got rid of the Victory and that could happen to Indian, never know, I was surprised they got rid of the victory, it seemed to be a popular bike around this area or at least one time, I know their is one Indian in this town is all I know, they are many many harley's. Road King is a very good touring bike but not loaded down with a fairing and tour pak, you can add this to the road king, have seen pics of them, but after spending the money on these and the paint, just as well go with a ultra. My money is on the road king All for now JD Trampas
  4. I'm no gunsmith and I know it, LOL, As much as you practice at home plus dry firing I presume thru the winter from what I have heard, you might need some new springs, everything is worn out and the springs are streched and maybe the rifle is a little out of time, I'm guessing is all, like I said no gunsmith here but I know you practice alot and dry firing so things do wear out. Just a thought, hope you get it figured out. All for now JD Trampas
  5. Get ahold of Outlaw Gambler, he has parts for these guns, his website is www.classicoldwestarms.com if I remember right, he might post on here if he sees this, good pard to deal with All for now JD Trampas
  6. I hang my rig on a wooden dowel that I picked up some place, it is a small square piece of wood with the dowel coming out of it at a angle, I buckle it and then hang it, works for me. It is hung on wall beside the gun safe, also hang the shotgun belt on it also. All for now JD Trampas
  7. Hi JD,

    Now you have a comment too. It's been good seeing you around.


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