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A different kind of "water cannon."

Subdeacon Joe

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I wonder if it is pure spring water?



Security teams, counter-terrorism officers might use explosives. If you're trying to rescue a hostage, that's pretty dangerous because the explosion and the debris can cause damage," said Mr Delf.


"Our system uses compressed air and it fires a charge, a big barrel of water - and that impact can smash through a double layer breeze-block wall".


In testing, the company used ordinary plastic water-cooler bottles full of water, each weighing 22Kg (48.5lb).


"What's great about using water is that the casing shatters and it just sprays out. It means security teams are much closer to the point of entry, giving them vital seconds," Mr Delf added.


Now, I may be a bit dense, but that roughly 50 pound weight moving at roughly 900 fps is gonna knock debris on the far side with a good bit of power.

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What is the effect on any hostages?

They would be wet and rescued.

Or wet and dead.

Hard to say. ;)

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