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We are shooting on Black Friday at Rockford.

Ketchum Quick, SASS #72923

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Hey guys and gals we are shooting at RSC's town of Liberty. We will be shooting five stages and it will be bare bones, meaning no lunch and you only need ten spot to join the fun. We will start at ten a.m. like we normally do. The way the stages are written, they should be pretty fast running stages. So if you want to try for your sub one hundred second in before we get buried in snow, this could be your match! :rolleyes:


Thanks to Chubby Johnson for floating this idea back in October and thank you my fellow club members for supporting this idea. And a big thanks goes to Deuce and hOOt for stepping up and offering to get the stages set up. You guys rock!


So how many of you want to come out an play? The temps are supposed to be at or near sixty on Friday and no sign of rain on the horizon. If you are planning on Black Friday shopping you can hit the mall, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target...etc early and still make it to the shoot if you need to shoot through so you can head to a family function we can accomidate that too.


Ketchum Quick

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Heee Haaa Ketchup.. I'll be shootin "Black" on Black Friday Heeee Haaaa :lol:


Thanks Doots and Hoots for settin up ,, :D


Ya All have a Wonderfull Thanksgiven and I'll see on Black Friday.. :P Gunner you too. B) have fun in s.Cal.


Heeee Haaa Crazy Mingo :wacko::wacko::FlagAm:

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We will miss ya Gunner. Maybe we will see ya at the December shoot?


In the great words of the immortal Crazy Mingo - YEEEE HAW!....Yup, will be there in December :) I have a secret weapon :ph34r: Marlin part to get to hOOT!


Have a BLAST fellers!




GG ~ :FlagAm:

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Heee Haaa Ketchup..I'd sure like ta barrow your renagade and shoot some black thru her... :lol::lol::lol:


I want everbody ta eat LOTS of Turkey and PIE so that I don't look so SLOW.. ;)


Heee Haaa Crazy Mingo :wacko::wacko::FlagAm:

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If I can get my press changed over and 150 rounds loaded I'm going to try and make it up. I'm also thinking about heading down to Deer Creek for there last match.


It would be great to have you at the match Pitmaster. Hope to see ya.



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