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  1. Those would be the Rice Krispies ones, Hardpan. Kellog gets a piece of their non action.
  2. Bur the two rounds are just as lethal as the 8 en bloc ones.
  3. I told you guys the sky was falling..... But did you believe me? NOOOOOOOO. Another fine mess you got us into, Ollie!
  4. We gotta wait that long, Sixgun? Snow here in Everett last evening also. And RAIN. Lawdy, we got a gully washer and I heard that a train down south of here derailed 4 cars with no injuries, due to a washed out culvert.
  5. BETTER TO HAVE IT AND NOT NEED IT, THAN TO NEED IT AND NOT HAVE IT. Words of wisdom. My age and health put me at the head of the line after caregivers. I consulted with my doctor. He strongly suggested both my wife and myself GET THE VACCINE.
  6. Get Well Fast. Hurry back. Prayers for a successful oprtation.
  7. Well, it will happen, I am certain, with or without my viewing. I don't have much of a view here.
  8. Pat, I am on my way to England to stonehenge to check out that light thingy. As soon as I get a hall pass, I am off. I will send pictures when I get there.
  9. Here is a picture of my virtual rifle, that you have probably seen several times. Purchased from CMP and refurbished by a fellow back east. He did an excellent job, and I got back a virtual new reifle, with a stock upgrade. I tried to contact him after trying it out, only to find that he had passed and his daughter was running the business. Soon thereafter his web sight disappeared. I hope she survived and is still carrying on the business. A search of the serial number tells me it was one of the last production runs for Springfield Armory (US Springfield), circa 1956/57. I
  10. Does anyone else think 2020 reminds one of the scene of two drunks with a brown paper bag passing between themselves and a caption, Blueprint for Disaster.
  11. Not to hijack the other thread about lead reloaded bullets in an M1 Garand, I started a new thread about pressures and ammunition. There is a web page for Garand* Gear that features a PORTED GAS PLUG. It is different from the other offerings in that it is not adjustable. Sortof a plug and play type of gadget. I was wondering if any of my peers in this august body have one, and have used it, and how satisfied they are with it.
  12. .308 150grain Spitzer. Just got a notice earlier this afternoon. May be gone by now. Priced .33 cents a bullet.
  13. Her middle name is Unpredictable. A bit of a loose cannon, she is.
  14. I would think you could get the missing knob from Webber.
  15. Well he answered one question for me. I was wondering if anybody was going to manufacture Remington ammunition after their break up.
  16. I believe Jackson is on the $20.00. Jefferson is on the Quarter, hard money.
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