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  1. Yes and we all know all 'law abiding Conservatives" wont come to help and back you . Why América is lost , only one way to overcome violence and it isnt at the voting booth .
  2. Not a chance of me moving to a blue state not my home why should I fight again for them ,
  3. So The liberals win and Get exactly what they wanted . Just like they have done for years and we do nothing . America is lost.
  4. IN Memory of means yes headstone only A Government memorial headstone or marker for placement in a national cemetery will be of the standard design authorized for the cemetery in which it will be placed. In addition to the authorized inscription on a Government memorial headstone or marker, the phrase "In Memory Of" is mandatory.
  5. And I made a mental health civilian leave over a not much happened deployment
  6. Dont even have to be moving, We had a couple convoy combat simulators that the Gunners would be sick after a session https://www.dvidshub.net/video/721877/b-roll-marines-take-combat-convoy-simulator
  7. Well about that , On the other side we have a convert that banned bump stocks and....
  8. That would be very weird considering 90 percent of my relatives are dead. Memorial day I always go up to National Cemetery before the once a year crowd . got asked if I was looking for someone on 3 occasions . The Last I responded, "No, I know this place better than most I have Grand Parents, Uncles , Aunts, Nephews , Nieces , Wife, In laws , friends and even a couple KIA's I know here" , He just said Ohh and walked away .
  9. I always go up to National Cemetary (well often but like this weekend On a Friday Or Saturday morning before the crowds . This year I got asked a couple times "Need help finding someone ?" Naw I am Good , I know this place all to well , Grand Parents , aunts and uncles , Wife In laws , cousins, nephew's and nieces , friends and Even a couple I was deployed with . To the Point the Director saw me at Father in laws funeral and merely stated "You Again?" Always think about the "official KIA report " and being there aren't always the same . Only time I ever lied to a soldier was holding His guts in with one hand and his hand with my other telling him you will be fine , hang in there . To all the real people that know that price The Gold Star families , Sorry that price isn't worth todays Americans
  10. Marine Corps, How cute , he gets orders to Oki her Cherry Point
  11. Alot of us bought Rolex's , why ?? Currency and Rolex is known world wide . Need hid here's a Rolex , need info here is a Rolex .
  12. Ohh well, next want to play Thug good riddance , I am sure His Mom will say "what a good boy he WAS" Yeah sure mom https://genius.com/Rylo-huncho-money-getta-lyrics
  13. 2.99 as of this morning , however its touron season starting this week so at 4pm 3.49
  14. You Mean like you just did twice ??
  15. I was going to say you could move up to Colorado City
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