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  1. Yes sir, Sorry Black Hills (going off of the photo you posted ) BHA is the head stamp the use even on the 77 grain hp 5.56 ammo we used alot of deployed
  2. Same here but I buy white box and reload the brass works well when you cant find brass .
  3. Insider Tip ask your LGS to see about the white box ammo from BH ammo ( Its factory seconds ie case scratched ect ) alot cheaper I know mine gets it all the time might be a local deal but worth asking.
  4. No need we have plenty of old mine shafts that the water table has filled in and mixed with old Highly corrosive mining chemicals or a wood chipper and use it for fertilizer in the field . Then there is the rumor of a rancher that found some people that decided they could do as they want on his land that he buried the entire car some where on his ranch
  5. https://chigsgrips.com/?fbclid=IwAR1cRvkSgyuUiGNw66mTOGOvbl0mrFLXTqRcOS2Xx7b02yfDvmfQa_8cETw_aem_Aagte6a04Tk9G-t6bTFqgajN-u1s3Is3tkBG2MBrMTRWu6EoyfedOUYgtwpdRsvmNX7S-IMOzhgE29SSnrBbyDBQ
  6. You didn't and I agree you shouldn't have to , Just some want to play dictator and tell other we need to change to accept them , screw them .
  7. See , and thanks for proving my point. You expect me to change and none on their part , Not acceptable terms. period . Fact Is I don't not care who or what you do in private that's your business not mine to accept . I treat people on how they treat me period . I do not have to accept how they live nor do they mine . If you don't like me because of my views ask if I a give a crap , because when it comes right down to it , if You don't see another sunrise it don't matter to me . As far as Compromise where I can and stand up and fight , well maybe we as Americans have compromised enough and its time WE stand up and fight back . Again Why must I be the one to change to get acceptance from you ? You are not will to accept me for my views , instead to try to lecture me to conform to suit your feelings which I don't care about . You single me out because I upset you, tough deal with it . I will not condone a group or lifestyle that doesn't align with mine. So by your reasoning you come to my home for a beer and bbq , I must coddle to you and your beliefs ? Not going to happen dont let the door hit you on the way out , You accept me for the way I am .
  8. Because Alec Baldwin wasnt the shooter
  9. Well here is the other take to this Maybe just maybe WE are the right ones and they need to change to be more inline with our values .
  10. Why Should I live my life so you accept me , you want me to accept you without you changing , why the is the one changing me . The Alphabet mental crowd , hell they cant accept who they were born as why should I have to accept them ? Now Personally I dont give a crap in what you do if I dont like you fine I wont deal with you. You have that same right and I damn sure am not changing so you accept me . And when I speak of you and me not you directly but as in a General sense of You meaning the offended general population. The reason America is in the Crap hole state it is right now is media and groups have pushed you into believing you must change and accept BS we need to start standing up and speak our minds and stand up for yourself .
  11. You are comparing two different animals most boats are gelcoated , that is thicker and tougher than paint However you can paint over gel coat Hood came in Gelcoat and I prepped and painted it .
  12. Well He was one click away from a Headstone That night in my scope https://thebutter-cutter.com/The_Flight_Of_LCpl.html
  13. Its that LA jiggle that keeps growing in his ear
  14. Here I thought this was telling everyone that any purchases from Cabelas and Bass pro they report to the Feds, which BTW they do.
  15. 173D Airborne in Hohenfels Dropped 3 later found out someone did it on purpose and well court-martialed
  16. Maybe years ago but not so much now , if that was the case NHRA, NASCAR would ban it so here is mine
  17. I am perfectly Fine with #1 , Changing yourself to conform to others isn't being you . The worlds gay does that mean I change to better fit it? No . World changes to no meat that that mean I have to become a vegan ? No World changes to say turn in your guns and ammo do I change ? In short # 2 means you live your life for someone elses approval you might as well take option 4
  18. Another rodeo / deployment song and damn you Rye I was doing good until now . I should have passed on looking on this thread tonight Goodnight Sweetheart
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