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  1. I know ,But same concept , Meant for for joke but loose that in print
  2. Harpy Daniels Slammed by Navy SEAL Who Took Down bin Laden: 'I'm Done' Is it bad I am waiting for someone to produce a trans SEALs recruiting Parody video ? Harpy Daniels Slammed by Navy SEAL Who Took Down bin Laden: 'I'm Done' (msn.com)
  3. Love the F4U , The SR71 would be cool , and would a F18 and always liked the AV8 Harrier However my vote goes to the A10 why because miniguns
  4. And you thought you carried a big load . https://sofrep.com/specialoperations/sof-backpack-nukes/
  5. Sadly No more Cal as closed last dealer
  6. Fact is many of the "Budget " AR's are just as good as some of the High dollar , for most shooters you dont need a fancy Charge handle, adjustable gas system (most cant adjust them right anyway ) I build all my own , But did buy a Springfield Armory ATC and well they are nice
  7. Or you can just say Democrat and it covers all of them
  8. Hey can you send me a photo of you to post ?
  9. You yuppers are a different breed I knew one Air force guy , wanted to put Mushrooms in Chili and BBQ sauce on Prime rib ( not as a dip but to coat it and bake it with it on )YUK That being said 60 here today and still usually have another good Blizzard before Memorial day
  10. I do the other way Bought a TV to replace one Military movers broke , Installed new one , put old in Box and set by front door disposal complete
  11. Starline produces more than just for website sales they also have contracts to fill for ammo manufacturers what you see on website is after filling the contract orders.
  12. Fair to the agenda Federal judge declines to block Illinois gun law, calls 'assault' rifles 'particularly dangerous' (msn.com)
  13. So is this written by a former CIA targeter and Dave Benton both of Benghazi. this is a international wanted list of said Benghazi operatives This is the USA version of the same list notice the ones missing ?
  14. We got them all the time at work , I purchase many for Company . So when they call at work I put them on speaker phone Yes I want a extended warranty , They respond Great what kind of Car ., so far I have got them to hang up after I say . 1. 2022 Ferrari F8 2 2021 Cat D9 3. 2022 Cat 770G Haul Truck Seems they dont call anymore
  15. Nevermind think what you want to Cant make a horse drink
  16. WE have you beat we loaded multiple conex's full of gold bars In Iraq destination ???
  17. We went on a daytrip from The US Edelweiss resort to Benediktinerabtei Ettal and then spent the day at a lake near there after 13 months in Iraq it was nice So funny to see this too legal age 16 not our 21
  18. Congrats and Yep , same here nice when its 40 below , what I like best is the heated Steering wheel on those days
  19. Ahh the 300 year old brewery sadly they closed appx 2018
  20. Well , technically yes, But The amount of this that get sent "undeclared and unknown" is well very High . When we in Iraq wifes would take the Pringles chip cans open it , take a San Benedetto green tea empty it and refill it with Liquor put it in the Pringles can with a few chips on top reseal can and ship it High possibility I will be in Germany for a couple days before going to Pakistan here later this here
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