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  1. @C.N. Double -- Wow! That would be awesome! I started gathering some things "for cheap" and the holster would be perfect! I'll PM you.
  2. I was really trying to stay lower than the $300+ price tags of nice new rigs. Just hoping someone was trying to get rid of used one for closer to the $200 range. If I'm spending much more than that, then I'll just order a new one (someday). Mernickle does have nice stuff! Thanks!
  3. I'm interested in getting a basic Wild Bunch rig (belt, holster, and maybe 4 mag pouches). I'm looking for a belt that will go up to maybe 42", give or take (I edited it from 38" because I was thinking waist, not belt placement--I'm new ). Please PM me if you are interested in selling one. Thanks!
  4. 486 total. 4 unopened bags. 1 bag open with 86 in it.$90, which includes shipping
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