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  1. Stealing signs is legal - it's using electronic equipment to do it that's illegal. If you're going to steal signs, you have to do it the old fashioned way.
  2. Would be nice if they cited the source of the graph so you could verify it wasn't one of those "The internet is a good source of accurate quotes - Abraham Lincoln" type of situations. That said, I assume there are minor things (neither suicide nor homicide - accidents for example) that would explain the numbers not adding up. I've also seen similar stats in the past - and it really bugs me that suicides are included in charts of "gun related violence". What's the implication - that people wouldn't just jump out of windows if guns weren't available? The folks that generate these stats use them to argue that we should get rid of guns because they make us less safe...but my neighbor having a gun doesn't increase my chances of dying via suicide.
  3. This "hammer back" issue is (in my opinion) a very good reason why it's important to have a dedicated loading table officer. I've been to about 10 matches (still a greenhorn), and I think there has only been one where somebody DIDN'T get a SDQ for having a hammer back. This mistake is just way too easy to make, since we come to the loading table with our action open; any minor distraction can cause a mental slip and forgotten hammer. I've never been to a match with a dedicated loading (or unloading) table officer; you usually check the guy behind or in front of you - and are distracted by what you're doing yourself. Frequently you have to flag somebody down to check you, and I've had times where there was just nobody there to do it
  4. I'm with you. Don't care for interleague play, don't care for the unbalanced schedule. I don't like them adding "luck of the draw" into the mix.
  5. On one hand, I'd love to be able to shoot like that, to be that smooth. BUT...doesn't look like fun to me at all.
  6. Not me, I plan to live forever. Or die trying. Sorry for your loss J Mark, you have my sympathy. I've also hit that age where it seems like every time I turn around somebody I care for passes. I'm frequently surprised by who it turns out I cared for, and how much sorrow their passing brings.
  7. Bart Slade


    Howdy y'all; Short story long...I'm heading to Las Vegas this weekend, and thought I'd see if Faro is still available. Answer was no, hasn't been since 1978 in Vegas, 1985 in Reno. Read this article in the Las Vegas Sun - sounds like casinos killed Faro because the odds weren't enough in the house's favor: https://lasvegassun.com/news/2012/nov/19/once-king-gambling-halls-faro-now-ghost/ Any Faro players around here? I've never played (and have no idea how to). Sounds like something that would be good for after-shoot get togethers.
  8. I apologize for not replying to you - I've been vacillating for the last few days...but truth is I just can't swing it right now. Which is to bad, that's a good looking shootin' iron. I envy whoever that ends up going to.
  9. I wasn't clear - when I say "League Champion", I mean by the old-school method. The team with the best record in the league at the end of the season is the league champion in my book. I like the World Series, but I'm not a fan of all these extra levels of playoffs.
  10. I have a belt with .45 loops, and a couple of holsters (for my 1851 conversions) that have .38 loops. So in that respect I'm able to carry both (and know which one is which). Only flaw with this plan is when I'm shooting .45 pistols and .38 rifle, then I have no .38 ammo on me.
  11. That's a toughie - I am typically a NL fan (since they have the more traditional rules)....but I don't like seeing a wild card team make it to the Series. I love seeing the league champion make it in. So this week I'm a Houston fan
  12. I have never laughed harder at a movie then I did the first time I saw Blazing Saddles And does "O Brother! Where Art Thou?" count as a comedy? Love that one too.
  13. Well yeah! Because it's the guns that are the real problem. The folks that use guns to commit crimes are just victims of the gun.
  14. Is the price for the revolver only, or for the whole kit (as in the first picture)?
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