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  1. First - I absolutely agree we don't know the details. If I were sitting on a jury with the information we have right now, I'd find Baldwin not guilty. And my opinion had noting to do with his politics. But two things The airplane / NASCAR analogy doesn't work for me because in those cases you're talking about complicated pieces of machinery. Here, we're very likely talking about a revolver that is loaded with blanks (again, we don't know for sure). In that circumstance, a safety check is not a burdensome requirement of the person using it. Yes, I agree that the culture on movie sets is that the actors don't check their own guns or receive any special (or even ordinary) firearms safety training. THIS IS THE PROBLEM! THIS is a factor in why these kind of accidents can happen! The fact that the actors are untrained and unschooled is the exact reason I likened them to a child playing with a gun (who is equally untrained). They need to be VERY AWARE that this kind of accident can happen. They need to get it drilled into them as intensely (or more intensely) as you get it drilled into you at any firing range or SASS match. So for those reasons, I respectfully disagree with you.
  2. There is ALSO a "keep right except to pass" law. So unless you are actively passing someone you are supposed to keep right even if you're doing - or exceeding- the speed limit. If you're doing 5mph in the left lane and not actively passing anyone, you're breaking the law twice.
  3. I hate to make light of a very serious situation, but I'm going to anyway - This is what happens when you let children play with guns.
  4. I'm seeing a lot of "it wasn't a real gun, it was a prop gun" on the internet. And that "they were making a movie, the armorer rather than the actor is responsible for gun safety". If it weren't for those two delusions, this accident likely would not have happened. If the actors on a movie set were as diligent about checking each other as SASS members were, would this woman be dead? Likely not.
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