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  1. I have never laughed harder at a movie then I did the first time I saw Blazing Saddles And does "O Brother! Where Art Thou?" count as a comedy? Love that one too.
  2. Well yeah! Because it's the guns that are the real problem. The folks that use guns to commit crimes are just victims of the gun.
  3. Is the price for the revolver only, or for the whole kit (as in the first picture)?
  4. Not to hijack this thread...but speaking of making your own paper cartridges.... I read somewhere that the stuff to use was magician's flash paper. Anyone have any experience with that?
  5. Thanks for the advice! Still messing around with my loads...shot a match 3 week ago with 35gn 3F...and found out why everybody calls the NMA a knuckle-buster! Don't have that problem now that I'm down to 25gn.
  6. I'm running true BP (Goex 3F). I'm loading 25 grains with .7cc of filler (grits), lube on the bullet only. If I don't clean them, the last couple of rounds on a second stage they are noticeably harder to cock - so I haven't tried pushing it past that. I'm probably exaggerating a bit on how long it takes to clean them; I generally pop the cylinders out when unloading and wipe the base pin down. Only "feels" like it takes a long time because I generally just barely get done before the next shooter is ready to unload...and I like to be out of their way. I also probably spend an excess of time wiping the cylinders down, which don't particularly need it. I do like the idea of just working next to the loading / unloading table and spot checking; good way to pitch in while recharging the pistols. Think that's the way I'll go when the time comes.
  7. I've got a question about "pitching in", and it especially applies to shooting Frontiersman (which I plan to do in the future); How do you balance "helping out" with "taking forever to reload"? I've already been to a couple of shoots where there were only 9 or 10 shooters to a posse....so if you figure 3 spotters, a TO, a scorekeeper, one person shooting, one person unloading, one person loading, and one on deck - that's 9 people going full time. How do you find time to reload in a situation like that? Or do you bring backup pistols and shoot Frontier Cartridge with a small posse? My personal goal (shooting Frontier Cartridge now) is to spot for at least 5 other people (I personally classify anyone who does less as a deadbeat) to cover for the 5 people working when I was shooting. In a posse of 10, I have a hard time just cleaning my guns between stages (I shoot Remmington NMA conversions, which gum up right quick shooting BP). I don't know how I'd find time to load a cap and ball pistol. And I don't think packing 12 pre-loaded cylinders to a match is my solution.
  8. My advice: For an electric guitar, budget wise the Epiphones are the way to go. They get you 90% of the way to a Gibson, and if you're really into tone another couple hundred bucks will get you almost the rest of the way there. For an acoustic guitar...get the best you can afford, there's no shortcuts on an acoustic guitar. That said, Yamahas are decent (the mid range ones). There were some "Arts and Lutherie" guitars around quite awhile back that were halfway decent. Better to go with a used acoustic to get more bang for your buck - with a good acoustic, the older it gets the better it sounds.
  9. Pirate Captain: "Matey! Find out fer me, what be the roman numeral for two" First mate: "Ay Ay, Captain"
  10. They already do that! Or they did it anyway, it was a big news story here in Seattle about a year and a half ago, SF (and I believe Portland OR did the same) had a "ticket home" program, free bus ticket out of town. To either Seattle or Spokane Seattle is overrun with homeless, it's a real crisis up here.
  11. Question on open top Colts- How do you get the barrel off if it’s super tight? Ive got a new Uberti Walker (through Dixie Gun Works) and the barrel basically refuses to come off. I’ve tried the “loading lever against the cylinder” trick, and I’ve marred up my cylinder face. Only way I can get it out it to work a wedge between the barrel assembly and the cylinder face, and I’m marring up the barrel assembly doing that. and yeah, my wedge is out any ideas on what to do, and how to loosen this up?
  12. Quick question on the Remington New Model Army conversion pistols by Cimmarron / Uberti: How do you demonstrate that there is an empty chamber under the hammer when you’re at the loading table? The cylinders are recessed at the back for the case heads, and there’s just no seeing through the almost non existent gap where the cylinder meets the conversion plate.
  13. Good stuff to know - the 4 clubs I've shot with so far all have used knock-downs. I'm really looking forward to all the experimenting I'm going to be doing.
  14. Appreciate all the advice! I'm loading one-fired shells, as well as experimenting with brass shells. I'll have to experiment with the charge - I've started with 60 gr, but sounds like I should be able to cut that back? With 1 oz 7 1/2 shot (sounds like I can trim that back a bit too). Using fiber wads, and experimenting with lubed and unlubed (sounds like unlubed is the way to go). Looks like that Graf reenactor powder will be worth a try, cheapest I've seen so far.
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