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  1. I got three words for ya: Lee Harvey Oswald Yeah he came back, but he did flee to a socialist state
  2. Does anyone have any solutions that at least LOOK like they're from the 1880's? I have an old ore sifting pan that I use to hold the cases, but my pick-up-stick is just a modern thing - way too modern looking. But I ain't gonna bend over, I'm not built for that.
  3. To paraphrase Yogi Berra - "nobody lives in the city anymore; it's too crowded"
  4. A pretty typical water/diamonds argument. Its the scarcity that makes things valuable, not the necessity.
  5. Depends on the job. What if you're a 911 operator? Is it ok to clock in 15 minutes late? This really applies to the service industry. You're there to provide a service from 8am-5pm say, being on time is critical. Staying until 5pm is critical. Staying a little late to finish a task you started at 4:55pm is critical. There's a lot of "I can leave when the job is done" being posed here, but I'd reply that a lot of jobs are ad hoc.
  6. I'm a little concerned that my kids / grandkids won't be interested enough to value these the way I do, but I hope they'd appreciate the true antiques I have. I don't have many, but was inspired by "Roughing it" (by Mark Twain) to purchase a S&W model 1, a Thurber and Allen pepperbox, and a 1849 Colt pocket model. Also not sure my sons will value my SASS guns. They'll come to matches now and again, but I think they only do it to humor the old man. My hope is that they'll stick with it when I'm gone, but who knows.
  7. Just started watching this yesterday, after about a month and a half of "prepping" by rewatching the original Justified series. So far I'm just seeing City Primeval as a fairly decent story that has Raylan Givens shoe-horned in (which of course is what it is). Makes it a little bit of a let down for me - because Raylan is just kind of "there", doesn't really have anything to do. And that's 3 episodes in.
  8. Got a few things for when it gets cold - First is the union suit. Nothin' more old-west cowboy than long johns Second (particuarly if it's raining) I've got a replica of a civil war rubberized rain cloak. Which is surprisingly good for keeping the heat in. Finally, I've got frock coat I'll wear if it's down below 50 or so.
  9. Nice! A buffalo (yeah that's right I refuse to say bison) or bear coat is on my "someday" list. Which is unfortunately a pretty long list.
  10. That's my concern - vehicle gets stolen and having firearms in it makes a bad situation a real nightmare. Maybe it's just because I live in Seattle (where car theft is essentially legal), but having things secured in my car is not a comfort.
  11. The list runs long....but I think my NEXT gun will be either a Spencer Carbine replica in .56-50, or a Starr 1858 double action.
  12. Mornin'! I'm going to start traveling soon for SASS; short-story-long my adult son moved about 800 miles away - and we're going to meet "in between"(ish) for shoots. This will be the first time I've traveled with firearms, and my biggest concern is them being stolen - particularly from a hotel room. When you guys travel, how do you keep your firearms (a) secure, and (b) disguised? For example, I was thinking about buying a hard shell golf club case to carry them in, but thought y'all might have some better ideas.
  13. I was 50, but I live in Seattle - most folks around here don't have AC
  14. I would say "don't get hung up on chord books". There are the basic chord forms, and then barre chords (where you use your index finger as capo and your remaining 3 fingers to form the chord). I personally picked the guitar up when I was 19, put it down 6 months later because it was a hell of a lot harder to play well than I expected, then picked it back up at about age 40 and just didn't worry about being any good at it. Expect your fingers to take a long time to get into shape to play well. I'm talking 6+ months of playing a lot to get them into fair shape. And take it easy, don't let your hand cramp up. After that, I guess it's "what do you want out of it"?
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