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  1. Most companies figure their fuel surcharge weekly based on the average fuel price published by the U.S. Department of Energy. It's then applied a a percentage increase to your quoted rate. Which is why it's important to ask if the company quoting you doesn't make it clear up front. The company I work for uses $2.20 as the base price of fuel. The price of fuel was down under $2.40 per gallon at a few points in 2020.
  2. Unfortunately isn't known enough by the general public - but any time you're dealing with trucking you need to inquire about the fuel surcharge. The price of fuel is so volatile that trucking companies cannot just change their published rates every time the price of fuel fluxuates. This week the US average price of a gallon of diesel is $4.889. One year ago it was $3.406. Two years ago it was $2.394. I should add that this year the price peaked on June 27th at $5.783. A semi-truck averages 5.6 miles to the gallon. Assuming it's around 2500 miles to cross the US, that's almost 450 gallons of fuel. At $4.880, that's $2200.05 in fuel to get across the country. Considering the price of fuel has over doubled in the past two years (meaning the trip only cost $1100 in fuel in 2020), $900 is not unreasonable. And although the price of trucking prior to fuel surcharge has gone up in those two years, repair costs, truck replacement costs and labor have also shot up. I reckon you can guess what business I'm in. I will give you that the company I work for puts emphasis on making first-time customers very aware of how the fuel surcharge works. Whoever you were shipping with should have pointed that out up front (although I've found most trucking companies don't).
  3. I'm almost certain it's "called" away. Without listening to the song and cheating though. Live a little. Be a gypsy - get around. Get your feet up off the ground. Live a little, get around.
  4. I've got a Henry "Original Henry", and I've had out-of-battery discharges twice. Both times bent the lifter arm, both times Henry replaced it free of charge (despite my offering to pay and owning that it was my own fault). I'm not sure there were any dangerous side effects, just bent the arm and both times split the case and jammed up the action.
  5. I do my best to convince my Mrs. that all the gun purchases are "investments against inflation". I buy most of my stuff off gunbroker, and only if I can catch a break with a fairly low price. I only win about one out of probably 50 things I bid on, I'm just counting on everyone else to be ignoring the item. My theory is that I should be able to sell them for at least what I paid for them. Naturally I help myself by ignoring the shipping and FFL transfer costs....
  6. Another not lyrics, but my brother always used to quote Spock as saying "Live long and perspire"
  7. This is a fact! I coached Little League for 6 years (when my sons were playing). Very satisfying! One of the kids in the league (not on my team, his dad was also a coach) played in the big leagues for 2 games in 2015, 3 at bats. Best I can tell he gave it up in 2020.
  8. I was exaggerating a little for effect (my including the infield fly rule for example). But the rest of it....they could change the rules back to what they were 100 years go (and I'm talking about the rules of the game, not the rules of who can and cannot play based on anything other than ability). and I'd be all for it. And yes everything changes. Which is why it's so important that there are a few things that DO NOT change! Would be nice to have something you could hold on to.
  9. I'm getting to sound like my grand-dad (now that I'm a grand-dad). Customer service is currently on the outs. I'd says "The Customer Is Always Right" died of Covid-19. Hand in hand with the diminished customer service, and lack of consistent quality - prices are up significantly. And God forbid you want a cocktail with dinner, gotta take out a 2nd mortgage on your home. Finally, all of a sudden 20% is a 1/2-ankled tip??? Prices are up AND the tip percentage goes up?
  10. Fair enough. I suppose what's true about many things in life - they don't get anywhere by catering to the purists. Or traditionalist may be a better term. Baseball moreso than any of the other major sports is about tradition. Or, more correctly, it is to me So "the powers that be" divide and conquer. They create the DH. They add 37 layers of playoffs. Pitch clock. Electronic strike zone. Radios for the pitchers and catchers to communicate. Point to first for an intentional walk. For any one of these things there's only a minority of people who don't like it. And of that minority, there is an even smaller minority that will give up on the sport because of it. It all started in 1895 with the introduction of the infield fly rule. Baseball has been on a downward spiral ever since!
  11. I respectfully disagree with this. I'm not a DH fan. For years I preferred to watch NL games for this reason. Pitchers batting required strategy. I swear to God the every new rule just takes away from the strategy of the game. Those that liked the DH had the American League. It was the best of both worlds. Only reason the two leagues need to be on the same page is interleague play - which I'm not a fan of either!
  12. I don't like any of them, but I really hate the shift ban. Here's an idea - power hitters, learn bat control! A halfway decent player should be able to "hit em where they ain't" all night long when the shift is on. Put the responsibility where it belongs rather than changing the rules. Baseball was my favorite sport in part because of the tradition. They've totally ruined it for me.
  13. The way you're carrying on you'd think it was 120 degrees. Can't be more than 114. (somebody had to say it)
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