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  1. Bummer. No good idea goes unpunished.
  2. Guillotine, in public, is also an excellent deterrent for intentional crimes. For those who won't be deterred... give the perpetrator full due process under the law. No delays. No lawyer tricks. When found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, then immediately execute his sorry self. It matters not if the perpetrator had a bad childhood, is stoned out of his mind, was raped by his priest or has 12 personalities. Summarily execute him after full due process and conviction.
  3. That is welcome news. 6 years clean for me, prostate. Had a scare this week... optometrist thought he saw possible retina cancer... Ophthalmologist says choroidal nevus, in her opinion, benign and will stay that way. I'm scheduled for the next year for 90 day exams, ultrasounds and photos... just to make certain.
  4. It does not seem out of bounds for a pard to send a box of brass to another pard Down Under. A pard here, did that very thing for me with 44 mag brass. We are both in the US, but it is the idea that counts. Especially if that brass is once-fired and either clean or dirty, that makes declaration much easier.
  5. The death penalty isn't punishment... Sixty years of making little rocks out of big rocks, then sharing your rectum as an E-Ticket Attraction in the general population... that is punishment.
  6. Excellent news! One of my lodge masters beat lymphoma and he concurs with it being treatable.
  7. Added that one to my joke library.
  8. I use Dawn as the first try on DVD that won't play properly. If they still fail after a Dawn cleaning, then toothpaste is the next remedy. Wet the DVD and smear with toothpaste. Rub around the entire disk in a circular pattern. That is... making circles the size of a dollar, all the way around the disk. Rinse completely. Dry with a soft towel in a radial direction: straight out from the center to the edge. Dawn is my go-to for my specs.
  9. I was mainframe hardware at IBM for just under 25 years. Most of the off color jokes were about marketing people... Such as them only having two interchangeable parts... mouth and rectum.
  10. 41 years for us, this New Year's Eve.
  11. Get 'em a set of premium work boots.... they will never wear them out.
  12. His expression is identical to mine when Wrongway attempts to teach me how to run her serger.
  13. Legitimate mostly depends on the names on the child's birth certificate. If Mom is Mrs. Smith when the certificate is filled out, the child is legit. If not, the child takes Mom's last (maiden) name, and is illegitimate by default.
  14. This gives new meaning to the "Man of Steel." Perhaps the new Batman (also woke) will be "Buns of Iron" and have a dalliance with the new "Man of Steel". At this point in time, we have turned a blind eye to all the latest Hollywood tripe. Recycling old plots with new woke themes will not garner any of our dollars.
  15. Flagstaff is 6900 feet in elevation... in February. Perhaps Tucson instead.
  16. The only problem with court... only the lawyer wins. Been there, done that... it takes a staggering amount of cash to bring a lawsuit. Especially against a company with deep pockets.. as they will bury you in endless lawyer fees. Every time you take a breath, your lawyer will have his hand out for another $5,000 retainer check. You will need a lot of Moxie and deep pockets to buy "justice." These things drag out forever, and lawyers bill by the hour. I doubt you will ever find a contingency lawyer for an employment related case.
  17. I looked a LONG time before I could find these 44 Russian dies.
  18. In Oakland (CA) it is usually "gimme your wallet" accompanied by something stuck in your back.
  19. They are telling you that you are nearing pension age, and are too expensive. They are laying the ground work to terminate you and wipe out your pension. IBM did that to a slew of us as we approached the 25 year mark. I was given the choice of taking a pittance for severance, and leaving... or getting fired and leaving. We were replaced by new hires at a fraction of our salaries.
  20. Mine was a Vaquero Bisley in 357, bought in 1999 as a prop when playing piano in the Stinking Tent Saloon at Sacramento Gold Rush days. Many years later, I got interested in SASS, and dug it out of the safe... lo and behold... a Bisley.. well, how about that? I added its twin brother, etc, etc, etc, etc in 2019.
  21. The Darwin Award candidates do this, at full speed, on Highway 50 in Sacramento. So far, I've only seen the nominations... have not yet seen an Award recipient. My #1 nurse daughter sees 'em though... the Award recipient is on top of the gurney, and his leg is on the bottom shelf. The most wheelie prone bike I owned was a Yamaha RD400. The weight bias was such that it was especially prone to wheelies with a fat bottom girl on the back.
  22. I understand some cities (SF, Berkeley?) have also banned natural gas from new construction. No more gas kitchens. Meanwhile, an enterprising couple has come up with the ideal way to conform to electric lawn mowers.
  23. bgavin

    IMR Red

    I have 1# of IMR Red which was set aside when I was able to get 8# of Clays and 4# of Trail Boss. Hodgdon sources many of their powders from ADI/Thales in Australia.. who say they have no plans to produce Trail Boss in 2021. Their news page says they plan to focus on their "core" products, which I interpreted as mostly rifle powders. I find powder is easier to find than primers. PowderValley and Midsouth seem to have the most offerings. These change quickly throughout the day/week. Online sales of powder + hazmat + shipping necessitates buying in 8# lots to ease the shipping expense pain. My LGS finally has several 1# in stock, but they are pricey... around $40.
  24. Then you have it well thought out, for your needs. I don't shoot BP, nor do I cast my own, nor do I muzzle load. I was trying to understand your anathema toward a twist rate that is favorable with the weight and lengths used in 44 mag. Thanks for your excellent, and well state explanation.
  25. Pretty much. Look at the product, find the "Heche en China" or "fabriqué en Chine" label. In most cases, this is the identifier for CCS... "Cheap, Chinese ..." and you can figure out the rest. Look at the labels on the pricey Sig rangefinders, even Leupold rangefinders... the same. At least Vortex offers (the only) lifetime warranty on rangefinders made in China. It would burn my bird to have a $200+ rangefinder die on me, only to wind up being thrown out. These products, same as Walmart CCS are produced to meet a low price point. China can produce absolute top quality products... if they are specified that way. I have telescopes and studio mics produced in China to premium specifications, and they are superb instruments in every aspect. When your digital scale dies it becomes a paperweight. Cannot ever be repaired. Try replacing the battery in an iPhone or Kindle... they are designed to be thrown away... not serviced. This can be done, but it is difficult at best...
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