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  1. I'm surprised... Hunter Biden lives in that very same house with Joe's Corvette and all those classified documents safely stored with the 'Vette in the garage.
  2. The same thing to the disarmed 100 million that Mao Tse Tung starved and killed.
  3. This is my same story, but with Boise ID. Change "Sonoma County" to "Ada County" and the story is exactly the same. We also lived in Sonoma County, but left in '88 for CO. We would have stayed in CO but for the aerospace industry going flat and getting sold off, so back to CA we went to a waiting job.
  4. Prices will never go down. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a new beach house in San Diego for $14,000 or a new Chevy for $2700, a box of fifty 22LR cartridges for $0.50, or gasoline at $0.17 per gallon. These were real prices in my life time, and will never come back again.
  5. Kinda Ford vs Chevy in a way. I always thought the Chevy to be more handsome, but would buy the Ford over the Chevy, for sturdy construction and reliability. Same for the Smith... which is why I own all Rugers.
  6. The Toyota Tacoma is still offered with a manual transmission... but it is a dog. I service a Japanese Auto Care facility owned by a good friend of mine. His men tell me the new 6-speed manual is a pig... It uses cheap parts, and the bell housing is a single casting with the tranny body. When the cheap clutch grenades, it destroys the bell housing, and requires a complete replacement/rebuild with a new housing and trans migration. Pricey. I dislike automatics even worse, and would probably get the manual, even with the above risk. Or... just keep my 1991 Toyota 5-speed and drive it until I die.
  7. We are now in the middle of the Big Power Outage that came along with the End of The Drought. Torrential downpours and huge winds have brought catastrophic damage to NorCal. Houses and cars are crushed. People are dead. Huge numbers of fences are gone. We are out of power two days now. Fortunately, we have a GAS water heater for hot showers. We also have a GAS fireplace insert for a toasty warm front room. The GAS kitchen allows for match-lit cooking. Our section of town is the 3rd World Section, as power outages are so common here, to be "meh" when they occur. For some reason, the utility company has been replacing exploded transformers in our area for the last 30 years without bothering to rectify the root cause.
  8. We just got power back on, so I can reply now. When Mom passed, the family beach house came to me. The trust attorney failed to do his job, and properly file some Form 58 (?) for the Parent-To-Child property transfer. This resulted in San Diego jacking my property taxes up to $16,600 yearly, and sending me a bill for $24,000 in back taxes, due in 60 days, plus the new tax bill. I had to cover this huge bill, or lose the property. My (new) attorney told me this is standard operating procedure in San Diego, to force the sale of inherited properties at full market price and full tax assessment to bypass Prop 13 protections. After covering the tax bill, it took me TWO YEARS at $16,600 per year, to restore my tax rate and get my money refunded. San Diego had interest free use of my money for all this time. The voters have since rescinded the parent-to-child protections, which means our 3rd generation family treasure must be sold upon my death.
  9. I asked for this test and Kaiser freaked out and wanted a full OSHA report etc. I told them I work with fishing lures as a hobby, not industrial exposure.
  10. My thoughts are 45-70 downloaded with 5744 for many fun shots instead of one or two tortuous ones. I’m holding out for the Ruger with as large a magazine as they plan to make. I don’t mind the longer barrel to gain more magazine capacity. Pipe dream, for now.
  11. We have Kaiser where crappy doctors are encouraged, not weeded out, because they are cheap to employ. All HMO are incentivized meaning the doctor’s profit sharing plan is based on how little he spends on wasteful procedures like tests. I have to laugh because India is vegan with a very high rate of heart disease.
  12. Blu-ray. com for bargain prices through Amazon, etc. Good Will is another source. I rip my media to my big movie server. We just got a new 65” to replace our old one, and prepping for 5.2.4 Atmos surround sound as built- ins for this house… as we can’t consider leaving anymore. I cannot find “Fatty Finn” anywhere that will play in americas region. Great movie though.
  13. 45-70 is my vote as I have zero interest in AR types, plus CA restrictions on scary looking guns. widder, what does your doc say about heavy recoil after heart surgery? I’m told handguns ok but no shot or heavy rifles for six months. My new doc is MASH doc and Expert Marksman in M9 and M26… my kind of doc, for sure
  14. Yeah, I know. One can buy a whole lot of eggs for $8,000 to $12,000 in property taxes. My maw-in-law was spending just under $8,000 yearly in property taxes in NY, for a 1920s era house. We wanted to flee the CA B.S. but found moving anywhere else will be a whole lot more expensive than staying put. We pay more for fuel, but I drive less than 5,000 miles each year. Corporate business trips took me frequently to Columbus... in 25+ years of travel, that was the most friendly place I ever visited. In February.... Jeeeesusss it was cold. I always drew Columbus in the dead of winter. Folks love to bash CA (well deserved), but those ills are fast spreading nationwide with diesel, illegals, gun laws, woke crap, etc. Every bad idea in the world has crawled out of either CA or NY, but eventually makes its was into the other states as well.
  15. I asked, because there is no free lunch. For example, TX property tax rate is almost 4x higher than CA. It used to be this was a lower cost for housing, before all the CA moved in and the housing prices went through the roof. My bro-in-law had a stunning home in Plano TX, all brick, two story, 4k square feet, and less than half of our rat trap here in CA. Not any more. The property tax man rubs his hands with glee over the last housing sales, because the price of houses has inflated so much, with all the folks fleeing the Blue states with pockets full of money.
  16. Yep, sure did. Right next door is the chef's toystore as well.... nice toys for the kitchen. Due to distance, only go there if truly desperate, or I can get a brother who lives closer to stop by.
  17. We have silencers for our backyard BB and pellet rifles. It is called "Sacramento County" which is 100% effective at silencing these.
  18. Going straight to the VA bypasses the big payout a lawyer would otherwise receive.
  19. Not always. 50% of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class, but are still called "doctor." I fired my first cardiologist because he was useless as teats on a bore. All I ever got from him (in a heavy Indian accent) was "eat a meatless, vegan diet." He never bothered to think this doesn't work for a labile diabetic who cannot eat all those carbs. When I was in the E.R. they tried to feed me a "cardiac" diet of 250 grams (!) of carbs. I refused, and my nurse agreed. She started shoveling all the carb foods into the trash until the only item left was a cheese omelette. She then said she would find me some sausage. Dad was a doctor. Two daughters are RNs. You, the patient, MUST be fully proactive in your care. I saw four different cardiologists in the ER. Three Indians told me to eat a meatless, vegan diet. The fourth was a Latina cardiologist who was APPALLED at the lack of care I was receiving. If I had not fired the first cardiologist, I would have died from his refusal to take any action in my care.
  20. He is the family dunce from a very long line of inbreeding. She is the poster girl for "gold digger" and one reason why the "C word" remains so popular in the lexicon today. I cannot fathom how the dunce willingly put her fur collar around his neck, for the rest of his life.
  21. I do the shopping for our Lodge monthly breakfast. We go through 150 eggs, 10 pounds of bacon, 5 pounds of sausage, and a 5lb bag of Krusteaz pancake/waffle mix, plus the other stuff. Breakfast is $5 for anything you want. As of this writing, a 60-count flat of Costco eggs is $14 compared to $21 at Winco and Walmart. Costco coffee is $16/3# Arabica, and the best value to date. I assembled a spread sheet of all my shopping needs, and then make the circuit of 5 supermarkets to find the best prices. Costco is always packed to standing room only.. it takes most of the day to shop.
  22. Yep. I had to stop in Gary, Indiana at the Broadway exit, cuz I was out of gas. At the gas station, a cop pulled up, told me I was the wrong color to be there, and get back on the freeway, pronto.
  23. You know you are truly wanted when your picture is in every post office...
  24. Wrong way has recorded six inches over the last 72 hours. We are on storm watch now but not much so far. I have two UPS charged and two urns of hot coffee if no power in the morning.
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