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  1. My bride has this... her handle is "Wrongway" and with good reason. Right-handed in everything, but left eye dominant.
  2. I saw the "gojira" which made me think they were arguing over a Japanese monster movie.
  3. Q: What is the difference between Stacy Abrams and a Chianina cow? A: 50 pounds Q: How do you make up the difference? A: Force feed the cow.
  4. I have only been on two movie sets in the past. One of the cinematic techniques is pointing the gun at the camera (audience). The cinematographer and director are usually at the camera position. I can see where a single FMJ centerfire round could penetrate the front person, and strike the back person.
  5. Someone died because this guy is an out of control ass. This time, it has finally caught up with him. His career has died, so I fully expect him to climb on the (well paid) anti-gun bandwagon.
  6. I noticed the same thing. Trigger was pulled twice. Baldwin is well known for his lack of anger management control.
  7. Meh. I look at this extravaganza as a yet another media-fueled "shiny object" to (again) distract the public attention away from the ongoing horrors in Afghanistan, the overrun of our Southern border with illegals and their diseases, and the chronic gov't overreach that has turned America into a 3rd world Marxist country rife with shortages and rampant inflation.
  8. Bummer. No good idea goes unpunished.
  9. Guillotine, in public, is also an excellent deterrent for intentional crimes. For those who won't be deterred... give the perpetrator full due process under the law. No delays. No lawyer tricks. When found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, then immediately execute his sorry self. It matters not if the perpetrator had a bad childhood, is stoned out of his mind, was raped by his priest or has 12 personalities. Summarily execute him after full due process and conviction.
  10. That is welcome news. 6 years clean for me, prostate. Had a scare this week... optometrist thought he saw possible retina cancer... Ophthalmologist says choroidal nevus, in her opinion, benign and will stay that way. I'm scheduled for the next year for 90 day exams, ultrasounds and photos... just to make certain.
  11. It does not seem out of bounds for a pard to send a box of brass to another pard Down Under. A pard here, did that very thing for me with 44 mag brass. We are both in the US, but it is the idea that counts. Especially if that brass is once-fired and either clean or dirty, that makes declaration much easier.
  12. The death penalty isn't punishment... Sixty years of making little rocks out of big rocks, then sharing your rectum as an E-Ticket Attraction in the general population... that is punishment.
  13. Excellent news! One of my lodge masters beat lymphoma and he concurs with it being treatable.
  14. Added that one to my joke library.
  15. I use Dawn as the first try on DVD that won't play properly. If they still fail after a Dawn cleaning, then toothpaste is the next remedy. Wet the DVD and smear with toothpaste. Rub around the entire disk in a circular pattern. That is... making circles the size of a dollar, all the way around the disk. Rinse completely. Dry with a soft towel in a radial direction: straight out from the center to the edge. Dawn is my go-to for my specs.
  16. I was mainframe hardware at IBM for just under 25 years. Most of the off color jokes were about marketing people... Such as them only having two interchangeable parts... mouth and rectum.
  17. 41 years for us, this New Year's Eve.
  18. Get 'em a set of premium work boots.... they will never wear them out.
  19. His expression is identical to mine when Wrongway attempts to teach me how to run her serger.
  20. Legitimate mostly depends on the names on the child's birth certificate. If Mom is Mrs. Smith when the certificate is filled out, the child is legit. If not, the child takes Mom's last (maiden) name, and is illegitimate by default.
  21. This gives new meaning to the "Man of Steel." Perhaps the new Batman (also woke) will be "Buns of Iron" and have a dalliance with the new "Man of Steel". At this point in time, we have turned a blind eye to all the latest Hollywood tripe. Recycling old plots with new woke themes will not garner any of our dollars.
  22. Flagstaff is 6900 feet in elevation... in February. Perhaps Tucson instead.
  23. The only problem with court... only the lawyer wins. Been there, done that... it takes a staggering amount of cash to bring a lawsuit. Especially against a company with deep pockets.. as they will bury you in endless lawyer fees. Every time you take a breath, your lawyer will have his hand out for another $5,000 retainer check. You will need a lot of Moxie and deep pockets to buy "justice." These things drag out forever, and lawyers bill by the hour. I doubt you will ever find a contingency lawyer for an employment related case.
  24. I looked a LONG time before I could find these 44 Russian dies.
  25. In Oakland (CA) it is usually "gimme your wallet" accompanied by something stuck in your back.
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