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  1. Just curious: why 10mm over 45 ACP? I'm trying to learn.
  2. Kaiser is my provider. None of my doctors speak English as their native language. None. A couple of these clods are downright idiots. If you want the real story, talk to the nurses. Two of my daughters are nurses, and can attest to the above. The vast majority of hospitalized covid patients are unvaccinated latinos. You can do the math from here.
  3. Ask her about how statins, ace inhibitors, beta blockers and hydrochlorthiazide ALL make you a diabetic. The fine print: all these drugs raise blood sugar. I'm just completing a debacle with Kaiser HMO who diagnosed me as having an "anterior infarct" then entirely blew off taking any care of this. I literally had to check into the ER to get them to take action. 7 hours later, they had run every test, xray, treadmill ECG, then echo cardiogram, only to say "no heart attack,." The first ECG either has a broken machine, or a doctor with a degree from a Cracker Jax box. None have English as their first language, and no native English speaking doctors are available. One doctor increased my diuretics, then the cardiologist said "take him off diuretics". This is long winded, but the point being the Left hand has no clue about the Right hand. If you read the fine print on all the blood pressure drugs, every last one of the increases blood sugar. I have ceased the lisinopril-hydrochlorthiazide and lovastatin entirely. My blood sugar has dropped over 60 points. I have not been 139 in the AM in a long time. These drugs MAKE you into a diabetic. I was taking the BP drugs long before diagnosed as diabetic. Ask her about this.
  4. Any thoughts about the Springfield PB9151LCA? This is a stainless model, GI recoil system.
  5. The part you are missing: "follow the money" Hospitals are not allowed to turn away the indigent. They have to treat them for free, and absorb the loss. Every person coming for any treatment is covid tested. If they are covid positive, they are are registered as such. And the hospital gets $13,000 where they would otherwise get no payment for the indigent. Here in the PRoK, indigents use the ER as their medical coverage. They come in with a sprained finger, get admitted as covid positive... hospital gets paid.
  6. Bummer. There are 3,628,800 possible permutations of this, and not one single anagram...
  7. I never had it, because Dad gave away his 1911 that he brought back from WW2. I learned to shoot on that one.. would have liked to have it, but missed out.
  8. Living proof of God Above: Ocasio-Cortez went maskless into a wall to wall bar in FL, and has covid.
  9. I'm curious about the Springfield models. At first, I was thinking they were made in Brazil... after my Stoeger Coach debacle... never again will I own one made there. SA offers a TRP model that is CA compliant. I'm curious how these American made guns compare with the Kimbers, etc, in the similar price point. I'm all about the reliability and function, and not about appearance. [ edit ] I'm a stainless guy, and the forged barrel and frame really appeals to me...
  10. Those folks not liking the loss of their freedoms, are reminded to remember this the next time they vote.
  11. The real purpose is FUD. This gives them justification for vote-by-mail. They still hold dominion over the vote counting process, so they can "find" the 90 thousand, or whatever number of votes needed, to "win" the election. Even if it takes several days. Idea: impose time limits for elections. Polls close at 8pm. The polls have been open for two weeks, so if you are late... tough s### Ballot collection has X hours to be delivered to the ballot counting location. Bags of ballots arriving after X hours are to be BURNED, unopened. Vote counting machines are to be calibrated with a known sample of vote counts for the two main candidates. If the machine misses the count, it is marked out of service and out of compliance. A really, really, really smart programmer could still defeat the above, but it is unlikely in the real world.
  12. I don't have a dog in this event, and really don't care about appearance much at all. My thoughts are entirely about reliability when the chips are down. For me, a full size 1911 would be a defensive weapon and not a competitive one nor a barbecue gun.
  13. Hey... it's an election year, so they are ramping up the FUD with another variant. I'm told there is yet another one that came out of Cameroon in central Africa, and is now present in France. The Democrats still hold dominion over the vote counting process.. and they need those mail-in ballots, so they can "find" enough to win again. There is only one anagram for "omnicron" and that is "moronic."
  14. I'm the guy who can fly Coach comfortably because my feet barely touch the floor.... The RAV4 is the most comfortable vehicle we have ever owned. My long legged bride sits perfectly in her RAV, and she is the one who needs the aisle seat on the plane for her long legs.
  15. I bought a new Chevy van in 1977.. that cured me of buying Chevrolet. I bought a new Dodge 4x4 in 1983... that cured me of buying Dodge. In 1991, I bought a new Toyota truck... still have it, 240,000 miles later. In 2016, my bride bought herself a new Toyota RAV4... wonderful and useful little car in every respect. Part of me would maybe like to haul a 5th wheel in our few remaining years. The other part of me doesn't want the grief of either an American or Toyota full size pickup.
  16. Install a long one on the diagonal. It makes it easy to hit a stud on each end. Also makes gives you a hand for standing, sitting, or getting up.
  17. I am 32nd degree, jr. deacon and associate patron of our eastern star chapter.
  18. I inherited one from my Dad. Massively illegal in the PRoK
  19. #1 nurse is now 4 days getting her ass kicked from the Pfizer booster. 103.2 for three days, subsiding now. She is done with getting boosters. Food for thought: Illegals and indigents use the emergency room for medical care, because they cannot be turned away. Even though they cannot pay, they receive care. Everybody who enters the ER is tested for covid. If positive, they now have "covid" on their admission forms. And... the hospital gets some $13,000 from the gov't where they would otherwise collect nothing from the indigent. The news services are already writing stories about NY hospitals are 50% inflated as to true covid cases vs "infected with covid" but not hospitalized for it. Cui bono... follow the money
  20. The elder of my two nurse daughters got the Pfizer booster yesterday. It kicked her ass to the curb.. 103.5 fever, awful sick. This is her 2nd covid infection, both from her hospital. Covid is making the rounds through her staff again.. she thinks it is airborne now, rather than droplet transmitted.
  21. In today's market, I agree with the above. For starters, "they don' make 'em no mo"... same as beach front property. I have the same as above, but in 44 mag. My understanding is Ruger only made some 4400 of mine over the entire product line life. If'n you want 'em... you pony up for 'em. In today's market I see the above as a fair price.
  22. I fully understand the initial thought.... I had a large herd of custom made electric basses... but only played 1 regularly. Basses are not FFL restricted devices, so I sold them all off. On the flip side, I'm not a game hunter but I did add a nice Weatherby 30-06 Accuguard to my safe. For "just in case" when firearms can no longer be found (today) or when they are banned from future sale. Once paid off, it costs nothing to hold it.
  23. Indeed. The XTP are limited to around 1800~1900 fps according to Hornady. FTX Rifle (boat tail) range is around 1600~2500 fps. FTX handgun (flat base) top out under 1900 fps.
  24. I noticed that, so I ran a bunch of numbers through the Berger twist calculator. I'm wondering if a faster spin rate is detrimental to lead bullets. The Hornady #44100 200gr XTP at 2297 fps likes the 1:38 better. The stability factor is 2.15 in 1:38 It is 7.44 in 1:20 which is over spun, but considered stable by Berger. I looked at the Hornady #4300 200 gr Interlock flat point. 1:20 spins this with a stability factor of 7.44 at 2021 fps. 1:38 spins it at 2.04 My understanding for the stability factor is 1.50 < SF > 2.00 for military use. Berger shows any SF > 1.40 as "stable" I have a big stock of .430 HiTek lead bullets that would work well in the 444. There are a number of plinking loads with AA5744 or SW Buffalo Rifle (same powder) for reduced loads. I have the Hornady #11 load data for 265 gr FTX, but have not run the numbers yet. [ edit ] The FTX 265 gr bullet is unacceptable in 1:38 twist, as it won't stabilize at all. Since the #4300 is now out of production, and FTX is the preferred choice, then 1:20 is the preferred twist. I looked over the rifle, liked everything except the very short capacity magazine.
  25. I'm just curious.... I'm well stocked in this caliber of bullets, both lead and jacketed. On the surface, this seems to make a bit more sense than trying to stock for 0.458 which I don't otherwise shoot at all. I'm interested in the later model Ballard rifling style (1:20 twist) that works well with my bullet stock and powders. I doubt Ruger will produce this one anytime soon, as the 45-70 dominates that market.
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