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  1. The handi rifle and the Buffalo classic have different stocks. Buffalo classic is an old English style straight stock, slimmer and arched butt plate. The handi rifle is more of a modern design, thicker pistol grip straight butt plate. All the stores are sold out of Buffalo classics. Thank you for trying John Boy
  2. Looking for a H&R 1871 Buffalo Classic butt plate. Similar to the one in the picture. Checked all the stores and all are sold out. If someone replaced theirs with a pad and has no use for the metal one let me know thank you Lever Action Landon
  3. 8 15/16" overall length 6 3/4" to the band 7/8" barrel opening 11/16" tube opening Hope this helps added pics also
  4. I have a 1866 Carbine forearm ingraved with stars and the 7th Cav logo. It came off of an American Arms Uberti. I replaced it with a Navy Arms so should fit an older model carbine not sure if they have changed any or not. Has some nick's from years of use. I replaced it because I'm a Marine and just could shoot a Army gun LOL. I'm asking $40.00 shipped
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