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  1. Jogging stroller. Save the tray and the foot plastic to mount a box or tray I use those 50cal trays that hold 4 boxes (sorry no picture)
  2. Too hard to figure out what you are selling and price. Break it down into a few things at a time. ..... I'm looking for Ruger New Model Bisley in 357 and a Ruger case hardend NMV in 357
  3. Ben Avery is not Covid friendly we are shooting under restriction plus it's hot here in June
  4. That's a great deal but I have one looking for only one.
  5. I cast and powder coat than use the lee sizers works great.
  6. Cabela's in Glendale AZ has a new one $729
  7. I have broken the transfer bar on a year old new model Vaquero so it does happen. Ruger fixed it no charge.
  8. King snake had one for sale at the local Phoenix match
  9. Had good luck with powder by the pound Google them
  10. Had to pull the 52 out of safe to see if it had scope mounts. I have only shot it with the peep sights and it will drive tacks. Was looking for the "right scope" for years. And my good friend had one stashed just waiting for me.
  11. Getting ready to shoot my first match this weekend. I have been experimenting making paper cartridges (some just powder)
  12. Sometimes taking the equipment you have and making your own simple "slickingup" will move you to the next level. Learn how to take apart and really clean your guns, look for wear spots that cause drag and friction and smooth those out. Change out springs. Smooth out the shot gun chamber. All simple things with little or no cost
  13. About five years old but used a lot I do make a habit of wiping it down once in awhile.
  14. I ran across 5000 Federal Magnum Small pistol primers at Sportsman Warehouse on Thursday as I was paying they had boxes behind the counter saved for the employees. Maybe things are getting better
  15. Had same problem also try tightening the primer plate from underneath
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