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  1. And no printed shirts with cats on them... Smile
  2. I was just going to post call Varmint Bill
  3. Looking forward to it....
  4. This flu will pass.... I have already paid and will be attending went last year and had a great time.
  5. That is a beautiful rifle. I'm not sure if it was you I bought my 1860 from but I promise you I have been taking great care of it
  6. Bought one new when I started two years ago $300 spent 5+ hours with grinder, files and sandpaper just to get it to open and lighten the springs it's tank and goes bang-bang every time. I now have two TTNs new cowboy worked on $700 and a used Johnny Meadows $525. True advice spend the money for a TTN
  7. That is a great buy I thought about it a couple times thank you for saving me money enjoy it.
  8. Late again if it falls through put me in line
  9. I have been having primer seating problems for the last month with all the extra reloading like everyone else is doing. I'm lucky I work two blocks away from Dillon I took all the primer parts down to them they looked at all my stuff and replaced the under plate and gave me a alignment tool ($10.99). After half hour of cleaning and using the alignment tool my machine is running like new. Highly recommend getting one I will use mine every time I swap shellplate.
  10. 95 degree heat what do you do in the summer (Phoenix 115)
  11. How well did you do with the shot gun and rifle?
  12. What if we just shoot for the fun of it, no timer no scores person who has the biggest smile wins.
  13. A good series with 1860 Henry's is "Godsend"
  14. Reloading, fixing guns and sneaking off to the local cowboy range so I have to reload and fix guns.
  15. I'm planning on attending we have a van we camp in but looking for a campground that has showers and electrical hookups
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