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  1. I have a set of 357 Rugers NMV with the full Jimmy Spurs work up as my main match guns. I've wanted to pick up a 2nd set for awhile but really couldn't justify the expense vs the need. Last week I picked up a set of new Pietta Great Western II's in 45 from my local gun shop. Out the door with NYS tax for less than $1000 total. I was influenced after watching Deuce's video review. I haven't used them in a match yet but the fit and finish is really good, the trigger pull is smooth. They will be a good back up set or a loaner if another cowboy needs them
  2. I just wanted to say thanks to the Cowboys who have been posting primers available online. Last season I talked with some Cowboys who didn’t shoot because they were short or out of primers. Hopefully these posts will be helpful in getting them back on the firing line.
  3. Did I buy primers at $35/1000? Yup. Did I recently buy them at $85/1000? Same answer!! It’s either that or stay home, not shot matches and let $4k worth of guns collect dust. Only my opinion and your mileage may vary…
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