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  1. My Taylor's version of that gun is a true bird head, while my two Cimarron Lightning guns, the same frame and mechanics, are Cimarron's take on the Colt Lightning grip. A "Stallion" is Taylor's Model P Jr. in 38 Colt/38 Special and others, with the conventional models as plow handle grips. I like mine and shoot them with the stock grips perfectly fitted from the outset. https://taylorsfirearms.com/hand-guns/cartridge-revolvers/stallion-compact-single-action-revolvers.html https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/lightning-38-special-3-1-2-in.html
  2. I got this response from Henry Customer Service: "The side-gate models only differ from the earlier models in the actual side gate parts; all else in the newer side-gate models is the same." So those stating that the Henrys are not good for our sport, when speed is the goal, are apparently correct. The side loading and reload on the clock are all we will get in the pistol calibers. I did see that the Henry website now features the side gates in pistol calibers, not just 30-30 and 45-70 and such as hunting rifles.
  3. Discussing how the pistol caliber, side discharge Henrys will work is just speculation.
  4. I don't think shooting a rifle stage is controlled chaos. Let's not compare a gamer 1873 to a bone stock Henry that few have started reworking.
  5. The controlling issue, I think, is not being able to realistically reload on the clock. The new design addresses exactly that.
  6. I am interested because of both the new side gate loading and the color case hardened look of the receiver. I had a brass 45 Colt that I couldn't use in matches, and now Henry has addressed the loading issue. How slick or light the action will be remains an important question, but my former Henry was beautifully made in the original flooded-out plant, and I expect that could continue, given the same owner. I have been shooting a JM Marlin 45 Colt but have no backup rifle in that caliber. I don't admire the 1873 design. I don't shoot really fast, so an 1892 could be the better gun for me. Now enter the Henry in a usable design.
  7. Amazon has the Ariat Heritage lace up in that size. https://www.amazon.com/Ariat-Heritage-Western-Cowboy-Distressed/dp/B00024QNNW/ref=sr_1_82?content-id=amzn1.sym.e86a7a00-fedd-4d48-8a53-a37e7d93a332%3Aamzn1.sym.e86a7a00-fedd-4d48-8a53-a37e7d93a332&keywords=justin%2Blace%2Bup%2Bboots&pd_rd_r=8f10723e-bde7-4a4f-964c-759ae266aff4&pd_rd_w=qmBrL&pd_rd_wg=ZA4L9&pf_rd_p=e86a7a00-fedd-4d48-8a53-a37e7d93a332&pf_rd_r=Z55RZ4Q8TJPNPTJJ8HRV&qid=1658679916&sr=8-82&th=1&psc=1
  8. Some powders found to leave unburned granules clean up some using magnum primers.
  9. Your question was well answered, but I may not be the only one who wonders what exactly you had in mind. If the issue is recoil, some matches are allowing 22s in age groups for lack of primers.
  10. I had been using a MEC #25 for my 7/8 oz Extra-Lite loads. I tried the same with Clays and couldn't tell the difference when shooting.
  11. In my opinion, this is the best advice. The 650/750 is not very friendly without a case feeder. The 550 or Hornady LnL AP would be better for bare bones needs. Making the job fast and easy though would be with a case feeder. How much that is worth to you can increase over time, not necessarily cost justified.
  12. Same size as the plow handle Stallion (Model P Jr.). It's the grip that's different. I shoot a 3 1/2" Cimarron Lightning in 38 Colt/38 Special, mostly 38 Colt. I have another one that is 5 1/2", my cross draw.
  13. It may take less than a page or two for topics to get hijacked.
  14. I use magnum primers with SR4756 in 38 Special to reduce the unburned residue. Seemed to help.
  15. A minimum Trailboss load worked fine in 44 Magnum brass and my 44 Magnum Marlin 1894. One order of 500 cases would set you up more or less permanently. I could probably help with a starter quantity. I have used a loading strip to segregate 38/357 and 44 Spl/44 Magnum with no problems, always loading the rifle first.
  16. The topic started as whether Trailboss would be available and when. There have been a number of other threads about whether it is cost effective or a good powder choice. Those who use the powder or would like to are the most likely to make relevant comments here. The problem I have with Trailboss issues is that there is nothing really comparable in attributes. There are certainly other choices in the absence of Trailboss, but are not the topic here. For me, that would be Clays, which has its own availability issues. I could use Clays in my shotgun loads also, if I can't get Extralite.
  17. Seems like this "are people stupid?" view comes up every time Trailboss is mentioned. That powder is everything I need for 45 Colt, Cowboy Action loads, and I hope to continue using it.
  18. No excuse for knife edges on mine, but I took care of it and like the gun.
  19. Never speak to the next shooter.
  20. Disrespectfully badgering the witness about a preconceived answer doesn't provide much that is useful.
  21. Maybe you should have a different kind of powder measure, with which you can have inserts or apertures that store an optimal setting for each powder/cartridge. One-size-fits-all seems like a crude form of the reloading discipline. I get that targets are close and that recoil levels below book minimums are desired, but it seems like an element of science and attention to details should still be included.
  22. The dilemma now, aside from availability, is how much is too much cost? It is a costly sport that may leave some cowboys and cowgirls behind. The cost of ammo or reloading components and equipment are only part of what confronts our newer shooters. Nevertheless we still see new people with enough passion for joining in that they find a way to afford things, now or eventually. I am more concerned about availability. Discussing cost is an academic exercise, if key components of the sport are unavailable, or if limited supplies are only found (and in time) by pure luck, try as one might. Finding enough or a limit to justify HAZMAT fees and shipping is part of it.
  23. Same load here for my rifle, except I don't use magnum primers unless I have no choice. Once my Trailboss stash is gone, I will use various loads from existing on hand powders and look for one that might be available long term.
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