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  1. The circle of wagons keeps getting smaller and smaller.
  2. My dad always told me to “just rub dirt on it”.....
  3. When they talk about Communism being the future? I just laugh... When humanity spreads out into the cosmos? It will be the biggest Wild West episode in human history! Not only will control become decentralized? New races of humans will develop. And new wars will be fought over resources. One asteroid can have as much gold in it as the whole of the Earth. People must become self sufficient to live in space. Fix yer life support system yerself? Or die. Fix yer greenhouse? Or starve. Fix yer H2O evaporator? Or die of thirst. The plumber lives 2 years away! Headline news! A Martian battle cruiser fires on Titan colony! The Martians are demanding that the Titans cannot mine more than 24 parsecs into the asteroid belt. The Europa colony has condemned the attack! And has signed a military pact with Titan. 2 Titan citizens were killed and 26 wounded when the Martian warheads slammed into the airlock bay docking system for the largest city Herculeum. In other news.... Space pirates have raided another Earth vessel, the ESS Constellation, while on a peace mission to the outer colonies at Oberon! ESS command has vowed to step up patrols of the area and has asked assistance from the Mars high command. Then fast forward 100,000 years to when not only our solar system is colonized but other close star systems. It becomes mind boggling complex. Roddenberry had it wrong. Everything on Earth is competing to survive. This will continue into space. Even the same species of ants will fight over territory and resources 100 feet apart. Let alone different species of ants. Or different species of insects.
  4. Both. As US citizens we are entitled to a fair trial by our peers. We are innocent until proven guilty. That should never be tampered with and is a foundational block of our civilization. But if convicted? Prison should not be 3 squares a day and craft classes. It should be hard labor. If you commit murder you should be hung by the neck until dead. And not 7 years of appeals either.... The execution should be public as well. Barbaric? Maybe. But it may teach some that the stove is indeed hot. And that there are REAL consequences to our actions. Back to red flag laws.... I’m not for them. BUT! I don’t think that planning a domestic terrorism attack is the same thing as calling in the cranky old man down the street because he has some firearms, and you don’t like him.
  5. When I was a kid my 4-H shooting instructor who was a USMC Captain had us shooting BP.... For some reason it always gave me a splitting head ache. I hunt BP but that’s not the same thing. I load it once before season and just pull the cap everytime I put it in the pickup. It gets shot maybe a couple of times a year.
  6. For now..... Its like banning IPhones because the mafia calls in hits on them. Not that they didn’t use rotary telephones 50 years ago. Nobody uses rotary telephones anymore, but they will when you ban iPhones! And no point is the left gonna say “We were wrong. The Clinton assault weapon ban did not work!” They will ban 16 round lever action next, and pistols, and then swords and steak knives, black powder, so on and so forth.
  7. So is the 20 dollar online gun safety class you now have to take to buy semi auto firearms...
  8. Shouldnt be in peoples hands..... is that a Freudian slip ya moron? If he was doing his job? Felons wouldn’t be in possession of guns!
  9. Japanese culture loves guns so much. Very sad that they have such draconian gun laws there. This is why Airsoft was invented. It’s not like paintball in which some guys with cattle markers decided to make a game of it. Making a EXACT copy of real firearms that function exactly like real firearms is very important to them. Some of these guys spend 2000 dollars on custom 1911’s.
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