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  1. Understood. But this nation needs the doers on a pedestal. Not the system we have now. Ive only ever been a volunteer firefighter. And that is bad enough.
  2. I think all officers and enlisted should bow and kiss the MOH recipients medal. Or one bow for each medal. Or something. Its a big deal.
  3. I moved his nurse from Southern California up to NE Washington. Dad had a small moving company. I of course asked her how big he was.... I’m 6’3” and 260 lbs. She looked me up and down and said.....”Well he was as tall as you.....probably taller, but he certainly was NOT as big as you!” I never felt more like Hoss Cartwright in my life. Dadburn it! Later we were touring Hollywood and I found his boot prints at the Chinese theater. I put my Clydesdale clod stompers next to his and it pretty much confirmed what the mean nurse had said about me.
  4. Ain’t nobody and I mean nobody...... Hugh Glass cool! Except fer maybe John Colter.
  5. The origin of the Cowboy lays in Spain. Particularly in the Seville region. But one piece of gear missing from the Spanish Vaquero is a rope and a horn on the saddle. The use a lance or a pole. And have actually developed a dance showcasing the skill of a horse and rider with the lance. The South American Gaucho uses a bolo and not a rope and does not have a horn on his saddle. So the lariat, lasso, rope was invented or adopted in Mexico and spread to the rest of North America. From what I’ve read, the Spanish may have gotten the idea of using a rope from Native Americans. Using a rope and a horned saddle is uniquely North American. Spanish style shown below.
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