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  1. Have we done one on dynamite and mining?
  2. Fixed the link. Your welcome Santee!
  3. Hey......... there sah Canuck in here havin problems with his “insufficient details”.....Lord only knows. Anybody any good at cumputeren thet can help him? My grandpappy was from Calgary, was always a tad sloooow. Something about the minus 60 winters and the brain.... Dont seem to recall...... Anyhoo! Im gled its dont run in thisin here family! No sir! I was 15th in my career math class! Never passed alegbra, them idgits mixed up them thar alphabet letters into them numericals! Like soup! Damdest thang yer ever tah see! I hope et all works out fer yah!
  4. Wapaloosie 91426 7 years Rice, Washington NE Wa Regulators
  5. I've got free range grass fed Scottish Highland steers for sale. Heads and horns would make a great cowboy display as well.

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