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  1. Hey everyone, So my gunsmith has my wife's baikal coach gun. She has the version with the exposed cocking levers that look like hammers. Who ever owned it before did a real mess to it and he's fixing it all up. But we did the 1911 spring trick. I bought 1911 recoiled springs (11 pounds) but they arnt heavy enough to cause shells to go off just light primer strikes. Any advice? My thoughts are just buy a heavier recoup spring. But if someone has a better option can you point me in the right direction?
  2. I've had people ask for all markings so I took more pictures today
  3. Changed title to Navy Arms because of the confusion. I was told it was a Chiappa when I bought it.
  4. Bump, Researched shipping so willing to ship
  5. Hey everyone,I recently switched to all 73's for sass and no longer need this rifle.Length 24 inch octagonalBlued steel. No safety. It's imported by Taylor and company but it's an armi sport.Few dings in the wood. And the front of the tube has a few scratches where previous owner didn't know there was a screw to undo it.Has been a great shooter and the internals are all polished. $800.00 obo plus shipping
  6. If you're in the market for a 92 i have one. I gave up my search for one in a 73 and just bought a 357
  7. Hi Dusty, are you not allowing PM's? I went to send you a message and it is not allowing me.
  8. Thanks, I'll shoot them a email and talk to them.
  9. Hey thanks for this, I have been to numerous websites I was just curious if anyone knew of someone that I could talk to in person and get them to measure and we go over what I need as I have the special problem of a belly but no butt.
  10. Hey all, The guy I was told about for SASS leather unfortunately no longer makes rigs. So I would like to find someone native to NC so I can meet with them and get true measurements for me. Anyone know one?
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