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  1. I live in western nc if it matters. But I'm almost out of 7. 5 shot Where s the best place to get some.
  2. You can thank the police union for the pistol purchase permit veto. The sheriff association loves to say how we're safer with it.
  3. Howdy, I'm selling my wife's 12 Guage baikal coach gun. She originally loved it due to the traditional look but no longer wants to compete that division. The action has been worked by a local Smith so that the hammers cock by sliding your hand back. (original springs were old Russian tank springs). Left barrel was started to be sanded down. But we stopped when she said she wants to shoot something else. Shotgun: $650 Action job $100 Shipping and handling: $50 Total $800 Will also trade for a coach gun plus cash as that's what we're getting with the funds. 20220622_211311.mp4
  4. Hey everyone, let me answer them in order 1 - I'll send you PM 2 - I'm trying to stick to AA hulls as that is what my set up is all for currently. I am a novice to shotgun reloading so want to stick to what I know. 3- I will not, I also compete in the North-South Skirmish Association and our nationals are next weekend.
  5. All of my hulls are basically done. I started with Winchester lights for clay shooting and just kept them to reload. Anyone have any? There are no skeet ranges near me.
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