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  1. I'll take 2 Giada De Laurentiis' and a Monica Beluci, please.
  2. Real good on peaches and plums. I'll have to try it on watermelon. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. I got both the email and the phone call saying I'd been selected to purchase and i have 5 business days or they'll give my order away. No mention of choice of grade.
  4. Did you also ask for it "well done?" Order the chicken, you steak hating b@$#&€£.
  5. Child Sniffer bought me a hornady progressive press
  6. Got my Randomly Generated Number (RGN) today. Anyone else participating get theirs?
  7. River Junction Trading Co has some nice grips. Pretty quick too.
  8. S&W M&P R8 with Streamlight TLR-1 in the nightstand. 870 and a Tactical Marlin 336 under the bed.
  9. I had a problem neighbor whom I would report to the police, code enforcement, and city council. If you make enough noise with those last two, eventually they'll get frustrated with you and act on your complaint, usually with the help of the city attorney. After my neighbor started receiving correspondence from the city threatening fines (starting at $1000 for the first offense, $5k for the second, and $10k for the third) if they got any more calls about him, he moved. Best day ever.
  10. I'd prefer 45 colt but I'm not going to rule out 44-40 if I can't find a 45.
  11. Howdy all, Interested in an 1860 Henry, preferably .45 colt but not opposed to something else
  12. Those El Malos of yours sure are sweet little shooters!
  13. I for one, am excited. I love Colt Guns and I love CZ guns. I'm looking forward to acquiring a ColtZ SAA.
  14. Well, how about that! Whereabouts are you now?
  15. I won over Mrs. Tall Tale on our 4th date by taking her to what I described as the "Airman's Ball" but was in reality the "Outstanding Airman of the Year Banquet." I found out later that if I'd been honest about the actual title she would have told me no.
  16. Animal Kingdom starring Guy Pearce and Ben Mendelsohn is really good.
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