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  1. BTT. Anyone have an 1860 they're looking to offload?
  2. SPF to Boss Hog Selling because I never shoot them. 1 Blued 5.5" .45LC with Super Blackhawk Hammer installed. No other work done. Very few round count, may be unfired. 1 Stainless 5.5" .45LC Bisley. No work done. Barrel is a little scratched up near the muzzle. Shown in the pics. Will send more pics upon request if desired. $1500 Shipped to your FFL (includes California) for the pair but prefer to trade. Ideally looking for an Uberti/Cimarron 1860 Henry in .45. Also interested in Schoefields, 1886 .47-70, 1866/1873 carbines/rifles. Thanks for looking.
  3. Saw this at Save Mart the other day
  4. I guess we're not all in this together after all...
  5. Why no to California? We like freedom too and single action revolvers are not subject to the fascism that is the "safe handgun roster." It's a beautiful gun.
  6. And that's your opinion! I couldn't resist.
  7. I was team captain in high school. Coach picks. In some sports, position matters. Football quarterback comes to mind. And yes, unless you're coach's favorite, every spot is open during tryouts week.
  8. I was not. I just like seeing our hometown getting recognized for something positive haha
  9. Or a standard 1873 plow handle grip frame? Just looking for something to match. Anyone? Bueller?
  10. Howdy, all. I have an Uberti 1872 Open Top Navy with the brass backstrap and frame/trigger guard. Looking for a steel 1860 grip frame etc. to match my 1872 OT Army Model. Anyone have one they're willing to part with? Thanks.
  11. Ike was a patriot, as am I. You haven't offended me, just didn't recognize good natured teasing. Bazinga!
  12. Friends don't let friends buy Taurus
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