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  1. If you notice a spotter is not doing his job as a spotter well, posse marshal or clock RO should ask for another spotter to replace them. Too many spotters are doing a lazy job and theyll never get better nor try to do their best job if they are not told otherwise. I've seen videos and shooters with several misses not get them called as well as edgers not be seen. I've seen spotters be asked to be replaced many times and have asked them to not spot myself. At any level/shoot. A well ran posse should not have this problem.
  2. This has been one of my favorite cowboy matches I've shot. I will do my wildbunch review on the wildbunch wire. It was great to attend this match after 10 years of being absent from WR. After having a stage dq on my first stage, the next 11 stages were shot for fun. good target distance. good movement for what the range would allow. good allowance of long gun staging. good shooter decision stage writing. left hand shooter stage writing. constant help and workers during the day. gorgeous props. It really was a pleasure to shoot. the weather was horrible but thats something out of their control. Sure they could have done this or that a bit better for the weather but is it really something worth complaining about? Im sure they know a few things that could have been better but i never saw anyone helping or working with the match accept defeat. You could have literally done everything perfect to accommodate for the weather and still have people complaining. its even funnier when people are complaining that didn't even attend the match. Certainly recommend attending this match if you can!
  3. Just sitting here blank faced drinking bourbon, reading how much people write and how many people reply with so many ways to do something so simple.
  4. Been shooting bear creek bullets for about 10 years now. They work great. I have used 96gr 105gr 125gr 148gr 158gr in 38sp..... 205gr in 45 colt and 230gr rn in 45 acp.
  5. Wait, you guys are being serious>? lol
  6. If you are serious about selling your guns, contact me. FFL dealer. Will send cash.
  7. (After attending, shooting and helping with every Wildbunch World Championship EOT has had, this is my opinion) Some posse's are slow and some are fast. Most shooters are older and some are younger. 5 to 6 stages of wild bunch at EOT in one day can be very taxing on shooters and help since it requires more shooting, targets, and cleanup. especially when its 100+ degrees out. I have shot Wildbunch all sorts of ways at EOT. 10 stage match.12 stage. 2 days, 3 days yadadadada. CAS usually is shooting warm up matches and side matches of all kinds starting monday on through the week. EOT is a world championship and IMO the match should be shot like it is a world championship. WB has lots of side matches and warmups as well just like CAS.
  8. STI Spartan or Trojan 45acp 1911 (900-1300) 7 Tripp magazines (250) a good model 12 12g (450) a good enough uberti 1873 45LC set up (1250) Jensen Leather Entire set up belt, sg belt, pistol holster, mag pouches, ammo pouch (roughly 500) a decent Original Enfield bolt action military rifle in .303 for BAMM (350) spend the rest of your money on good whiskey and cigars for each day when your done shooting. . .
  9. Angels envy. Basil hayden. C.w. Irwin. Elmer T Lee. If your going the good burbon route under 55.
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