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  1. Owns her own saloon/dance -hall/whorehouse! Really spreads it around!!! LOL
  2. I believe Capt. Baylor did a review a while back. His take was fairly negative due to the quality of the leather. I believe he said it was too thin to stand up to our game. What’s your opinion as to the quality Boomstick? The work is very pretty, but a rig that won’t last or retain its shape for reholstering... well...
  3. I love it, but I don’t know if the missus will let me explode cans o spaghetti in the bathroom!!!
  4. Looks like it also fixed the problem. The icon is back! Eureka!!!
  5. Thanks Mr Cody... at least that got me there.
  6. Good morning the campfire! Just wondering if anyone is having a similar problem. I have no mail symbol in my sidebar here on the Wire. You know , that little thing that allows you to read and send PMs. It disappeared about a week ago...I’m at a loss on how to fix it... anybody?
  7. I’ll gladly take it. Been looking for a lighter color for a while. Pm me details for PayPal so I can send the gold. I’m in 33021 zip code area.
  8. Aside from any "crotch shots", intentional or not...get a real gun belt! You really cannot tell anything with a regular pants belt. 1800s gun leather is a lot wider and will hold the holsters completely differently. So much so that the feel will also be a heckuva lot different!I chose to go with a Ranger style belt...no loops and left side cross draw. Yes I have to do the dance, but for me it works out with right side straight and under my hand, while left crossdraw is almost a crotch gun. I can fit two fists against my gut between guns...
  9. If ya get no trades...please shoot us a price...I have been hunting one to replace my hammered double and Stoeger is top of my list.
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