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  1. Aside from any "crotch shots", intentional or not...get a real gun belt! You really cannot tell anything with a regular pants belt. 1800s gun leather is a lot wider and will hold the holsters completely differently. So much so that the feel will also be a heckuva lot different!I chose to go with a Ranger style belt...no loops and left side cross draw. Yes I have to do the dance, but for me it works out with right side straight and under my hand, while left crossdraw is almost a crotch gun. I can fit two fists against my gut between guns...
  2. If ya get no trades...please shoot us a price...I have been hunting one to replace my hammered double and Stoeger is top of my list.
  3. YeeeHaaaaw! I am lovin' my new to me Cowboy trousers! Thanks Badwater for a very pleasant piece o' business!
  4. And iffen they do...well...we know how to handle the local Marshall....don't we?
  5. They do not seem to offer an 18"...are you sure it is not a 20"?
  6. Sounds like a deal pardner...I await instructions for the exchange.
  7. Depending on length...I am 6'2"...are they at least 30" length? If so..I'll take them all! Let me know how and where to send the gold dust! Paypal?
  8. I call second on the boots...If Sedalia Dave decides he does not want em!
  9. Still have an extra Stoeger that you are willing to part with? I made the rookie mistake of buying a Century Arms Hammered double 2 years ago and have been fighting with it ever since! Not a bad shotgun...but I just cannot get used to cocking those hammers, I often forget and lose time. What are your thoughts on triggers...double vs single on the Stoegers?
  10. I bought some boots for the Missus from Ron...originally for his grandson. They fit her perfect and a great price too! Ron is a Straight Shooter!
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