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  1. Hey JC! You mean Bullseye? Or you find some other interesting shooting sport to try? This might be of interest: https://starreloaders.com/edhall/gunboxdf.html and this: https://starreloaders.com/edhall/PistolBoxDWG.pdf
  2. It says right in the posting "Can’t say for sure but if this isn’t unfired it might as well be." Looking at the standing breech I'd say it's never been fired.
  3. Before and after. I've had the Mustang combat grips for years and while they don't look as cool on this gun, they point better for me. This gun gets shot and carried, so it's function over form.
  4. Yes they did! I've not seen one of those in person in all these years.
  5. Hardcover. Bought new, read it once. $45 $40 shipped media mail. Paypal friends and family or snail mail a check. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  6. As the title says. Shown on a refinished 49 that is not included. I believe these are old Ajax brand, I've had them for 20+ years. They are unfitted, and as the pictures show, have some typical over/under hang of aftermarket grips of the period, at least on this 50ish year old gun. Solid stag, no pull through around the escutcheons. The screw has been ground in the middle, but works fine(see pic). Thanks.
  7. These were a limited variation S&W used in some 1955 .45 target Models (pre-model 25) in the '50's. Supposed to be able to run without the trigger rebound spring inside the rebound lock for a better action feel. Fit and ran fine in a 29 I had, so it should be fine for anything that takes an N frame mainspring, but I'm not up on all the S&W variations, so if you're going to experiment, please be sure you know what you're getting. I've decided I'm just not much of a S&W guy and no longer have any big smith's. First 2 pics are the actual spring, last pic is how they look installed. Offered here for $100 shipped, paypal friends and family or snail mail a check. Also listed elsewhere, please PM for availability. Thanks.
  8. Still looking for this one. I'd be interested in other shooting related books as well, please PM if you have something that's cluttering up your reloading room. Thanks.
  9. https://www.starlinebrass.com/327-federal-mag/?fbclid=IwAR2qHLi5TGKI72PLNp3NOBhMAzwLXprfRkzMqXJJdsTHGSNuwejhUuUBpe4
  10. Some folks don't leave the old price up, so folks don't get confused. I'd bet the ad has simply been edited to reflect the lower price each time. If you'll notice the "edited at 4:12" and the 4:13 time stamp of the "BTT with lower price".
  11. These really make for a unique gun for smaller hands!
  12. Brand new, never used. $136 shipped from Dillon, $100 shipped from me. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  13. Tired of it cluttering up my brass area, I'd like it to go to someone who will use it. That many of each as pictured. Once fired. $5 shipping for each bunch. If you can use both, $8.50 shipping. First I'll take "X" gets it. Thanks.
  14. Both new, unused. Extended thumb safety blued $25 shipped. Match grade extractor for 9mm/38 Super $25 shipped. First I'll take "X" posted here gets it. Paypal friends and family or snail mail a check. Thanks.
  15. Having an actual screwdriver bit like this works so much better, both for tightening screws and for clearing rifle jams. Shooters are borrowing the one he made for me all the time.
  16. I don't know what is making you think Ron would just give away the file. Whatever his path to perfecting the parts, he has an investment in it. I've talked to him. He has his CNC mill for sale, for $18K you can buy the mill and the files for the SS kit are in it. He's not sure the mill runs though, as it's been a few years. Unless you have other uses for an out of date mill/controller, the ROI on this one would be a no go for me. Enough about all that. Still looking for a Snover SS kit.
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