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  1. I've sent you a PM @Rancho Roy.
  2. Doesn't seem to matter what someone's selling, it's always the wrong something!LOL You could use these for King of Kaboom at the International black powder championship though.
  3. 5 1/2" 45 Colt. Consecutive serial numbers. Jim Downing engraved. Beautiful guns in very nice shape, appear to have been shot very little and have some light handling marks. Light, crisp action, these would make some great CAS guns. $2250 $2200 $2050 shipped to your FFL. Listing in other places, please PM if interested to see if still available. First I'll take it posted here gets it. I'd consider trades, current hunting list: M50 Reising, Ruger original Vaquero's, Bren Ten, Ruger #3 45-70, Ruger Hawkeye pistol, Ruger 357 Maximum pistols, Browning 71 carbine, Browning B78 6mm octagon, Browning Medalist, H&K P7 M13, Winchester 1901 lever action 10 ga., or possibly other interesting stuff. PM any trade offers please. Thanks.
  4. I find myself with a noise maker in this caliber and no noise to load in it. I wouldn't mind reloading for it, but also wouldn't mind some ammo to play with it now. If you have any components or ammo, etc., please PM me! Thanks!
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