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  1. I carry a ruger sp101 in a simply rugged holster and they are a great holster
  2. Dixie gun works may have these still, we used to use them,
  3. I just started one on SOG by major piaster i believe, one shot one kill, 10 cent killer, diary of a marine sniper, most of mine are packed in storage right now
  4. That is fantastic news!! Heres to continued success
  5. I have had fairly good luck with the browning camera, never had any luck with moultrie, i have heard good things about spypoints and reconyx also but they are expensive,
  6. Had a Bersa Thunder for a lot of years, think it was around 200 new, good gun, always went off accurate, and affordable, like a poor mans reliable ppk, sold it to a friend and its still going strong, the little .380s got a snappy twist when shot, carry a sp101 with .357 hornadays and its not. bad to shoot, trigger is a far cry from my old s&w model 19s tho Take Care, stay safe DRD
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