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  1. Very true, we have more ways of communicating now, but we have lost the ability and skill to communicate
  2. Jaws was good, grizzly was good but the one that scared me was “cujo”
  3. Done, be interested in what your results are
  4. Just stick out one of those skinny legs of yours and hitch hike, good luck my friend
  5. Nice work and neat setup, but for me all i can think of is why, i used my henry for years and embraced its design, but to each thier own,
  6. I think its the burger king commercial, wake up with the king, just wrong on so many levels, that guy dancing inthe ozempic commercial is creepy too
  7. These use to be included with the chronicle, of course they were a lot smaller then
  8. Had a Bersa Thunder for a lot of years, think it was around 200 new, good gun, always went off accurate, and affordable, like a poor mans reliable ppk, sold it to a friend and its still going strong, the little .380s got a snappy twist when shot, carry a sp101 with .357 hornadays and its not. bad to shoot, trigger is a far cry from my old s&w model 19s tho Take Care, stay safe DRD
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