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  1. They make a big difference, what you half to look at is there are tons of different hearing aids out there, some have all the bells and whistles some are plain Jane, behind the ear, in the ear, hidden in the ear, the higher the price the more features you get, they have some where you can adjust the units to different listening scenarios, some hook up with your phone, or your tv. I have a basic pair that my govt insurance paid for, no bells and no whistles, but they do allow me to hear sounds that I was missing and speech that was garbled is clear, (my comments in meetings aren’t as off the wa
  2. At our field station we started using plgers they were a military handheld gps unit in about 1992 or so, they were about the size of an older cordless phone, the screen read lat/long coordinates, we use to have to send them out every few months to be reencrypted, the incription increased the accuracy to something like within a few meters.
  3. Hey Sixgun Shorty, it’s good to see you back on the wire, I always enjoyed your posts in the past, In fact I called you a few years ago and discussed a couple of second generation colts that I had inherited from my uncle and a recommended gunsmith from you, (alas I have not got them done yet but I did get the hammer notches fixed), anyways glad to see you back

  4. Had a Bersa Thunder for a lot of years, think it was around 200 new, good gun, always went off accurate, and affordable, like a poor mans reliable ppk, sold it to a friend and its still going strong, the little .380s got a snappy twist when shot, carry a sp101 with .357 hornadays and its not. bad to shoot, trigger is a far cry from my old s&w model 19s tho Take Care, stay safe DRD
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