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  1. I have had fairly good luck with the browning camera, never had any luck with moultrie, i have heard good things about spypoints and reconyx also but they are expensive,
  2. Ive had good luck with drill bits from a company called panamerican out of florida, they supply bits for the aerospace industry
  3. My wife and i have had a temperpedic for 12 years, we are looking to replace it with something else that is not a temperpedic, the first 8 years it was great after that not so great, watch the warranties some are progressive and really are not worth the paper that they are written on
  4. We used to play broomball on outside rink, similar to hockey with modified brooms, it can get rough, fun times
  5. Hey Ethan, i got a special deal for ya, i got 200 picked up years ago that are brand new, for you i will let them go for $20,000.00 dollars. Say hi to your folks from me
  6. Thanks for posting this, Merry Christmas, I have a close friend that will really appreciate it if it hasnt heard it allready
  7. Condolences to his family, he was one to ride the range with, he will be missed, prayers to his family
  8. Had a Bersa Thunder for a lot of years, think it was around 200 new, good gun, always went off accurate, and affordable, like a poor mans reliable ppk, sold it to a friend and its still going strong, the little .380s got a snappy twist when shot, carry a sp101 with .357 hornadays and its not. bad to shoot, trigger is a far cry from my old s&w model 19s tho Take Care, stay safe DRD
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