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  1. I started out with a Stoeger double, Uberti 1873 & a pair of Smokewagon deluxe’s in 44-40. Fell into a pair of Evil Roy Cimmeron 357’s right after I started. Shot the 44-40’s for a while then transitioned to 357 when I ran into a deal on a Uberti 357 1873 rifle. I would suggest the “try before you buy” philosophy, but for me, it was an excuse to buy guns! Also, I have setups that newshooters can try out as I bought rifle & pistols in 38-40 too. Just got a Johnny Meadows SKB recently as well! Geez what a sickness! Lol
  2. My Dad’s side of the family is from Canton, China (not Canton, Ohio) so since I started SASS shortly after he passed away & my real name is Chris, I became Canton Chris to honor him.
  3. I load 44-40 & 38-40 on a Dillon 550. I use the rcbs cowboy dies with the Redding profile crimp die & get good results. I stopped loading those two on my 650 because I’d get a few crushed mouths plus the 550 is easier to set up.
  4. If you are going to Winter Range or can cut a deal with shipping, Sarival Slim’s deal looks hard to beat!
  5. I use 1.1 gr Bullseye & the 78 gr Missouri bullet in a mid 30’s lemon squeezer. The smallest lee dipper is too big for this small of a load so I just weigh the charge out. I use lee dies as those were the only ones I could find for the 32 S&W that we’re available. It’s a very mild load but fun to shoot!
  6. Would you be interested in doing a face to face transaction?
  7. Well, after watching this for entirely too long, if it’s still available, I would like to purchase it, please let me know. Thnx, Chris
  8. If #9, the 25-20 Marlin is still available, I’d like to purchase it, thnx, CC
  9. Canton, think I might have messed up and shipped you the wrong knife, if so please let me know and we'll get it right. Happy trails  and sorry if I madde an error.


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Canton Chris

      Canton Chris

      If you need it back I can drop it in the mail, just let me know!


    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Thoughtful, but not necessary! 

      Many thanks!

      Mike :) :FlagAm:

    4. Canton Chris
  10. Canton, Can you do pay pal for the Knife? If so #FORD514@SBCGLOBAL.NET, I'll need your 

    address for shipping, let me know.


    1. Canton Chris

      Canton Chris

      I sent PayPal yesterday from doublellsteak. Thnx, Chris 

    2. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Thank you!  usps 9405 5036 9930 0305 6056 95 going out Monday.

      Happy trails


  11. I pretty much cast for all of my pistol calibers. Started powder coating about 3 years ago when I was shooting steel challenge with my 45 acp & had great luck with it, so when I started Cowboy Action shooting I powder coated those bullets as well. I use clear powder so they look like natural lead. I use the shake method, bake them in a convection oven & size then through my star lubri- sizer. Alway have good results. Another benefit of using multiple colors is that if your working up a load, you can use different colors for different powder weights and for different powders. I cast my own bullets because I can get the exact weights I want & close to the bullet diameters I want. (Gotta tip my hat to Tom at Accurate Molds as he will cut you pretty much any bullet you want & the mold quality is one of the best!) I currently shoot 44-40 & 38 Spl but just ordered a 38-40 mold because I just bought a pair of pistols from Reverend Ledslinga! I suppose I could shoot bullets “as cast” but like knowing that what I shoot has been sized for uniformity! I enjoy this part of the shooting sports, knowing that what I shoot is produced by me from start to finish. Kinda makes you even proud of your misses! Lol
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