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  1. Father Mc Feely. Brother Ben Felt
  2. I would like these if available thanks CATLOW
  3. Sorry 357mag brass went to Too Tall Bob
  4. 357 Magnum brass mixed head stamps. Deprived and wet tumbled. Shipped in small flat rate box. Free you pay shipping $8.00 First posted I will take it. Catlow
  5. I would like both of these if still available . thanks CATLOW
  6. More pictures please thankyou
  7. Jim With my experience with the Fine Cowboys and Cowgirls at Tusco ,you would have to ride along way to find a better group to associate with. We drive from Toledo to shoot High Noon Worth every mile Looking forward to HighNoon 2017 CATLOW
  8. Chili Your artistry never fails to amaze me. I wish I had the need for this rifle ,not just the want. Makes me want to take 6 inches off the barrel of my 38/55. What is next to come from your workshop ? Keep up the excellent work. CATLOW
  9. Hi I have 3 Ruger Vaquero 's 7 1/2 inch stainless steel 45 cal. Also 2 one pair of the same in 5 1/2 inch Text me Thanks. CATLOW
  10. Forgot to tell ya Trim about 1/4 inch of outside plastic off I have cleaned thousands of cases with one piece CATLOW
  11. Hi Go to a hardware store Look for the plastic coated wire that is sold by the foot. Pick the size that fits Cut a couple of inches off Chuck this in drill or drill press I use this to clean my primer pockets CATLOW
  12. Those Rugers are very nice firearms. Fun to shoot bp or smokeless loads. Lots of smoke and flame like 44-40s. My question to self ? Do I really need 6 of them ? My Sheriff models Ruger stainless 3-1/2 in 45 colt cal. Make 7 stainless 45's I think I will give another Cowboy shooter a chance before I make an offer Thanks for thinking of me CATLOW
  13. I hope someone buys this Ruger ,before I decide to add.it to my collection I can shoot Josey Wales with 4 ss 45's bird head rugers and a blued bird head 45 Maybe have to send an offer. It looks really nice ,would fit right in Thanks. CATLOW
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