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  1. CR when my remotes start to need multiple pushes I roll the batteries while they are still in the remote I think the twenty year date code on the new batteries is for shelf life
  2. Twenty years ago ups man would do my side door with small packages and back door with large and if it looked like rain the package got a bag over it Now front porch and in the puddle when it's raining
  3. You are lucky to get your package Have you heard that fedex and ups are going to merge The new name will be Fedup
  4. Tyrel You did a fine job with those guns but you didn't listen to all of what Coffinmaker said. That part where you cut those barrels to about 3 inches and then shoot gunfighter. Just remenber that Size matters . You get more style points with the snubbies
  5. ,. Seconds on the capper if first deal falls through thanks CATLOW
  6. Just carry a big stick Fish and Game said to take three large steps backwards then you will be out of striking range
  7. You missed my point If you have the need then by almeans use something what I find disturbing is to have a cowboy come up riding a gasoline powered four wheeler while a shooter is getting ready to shoot the stage or is shooting the stage and the noise is disturbing . Some people don't have any commen sence . Almost like crowding into a stage with their guncarts before the posse is finished shooting
  8. Electric mobility scooters like the one Yul Lose has are ok with me ,, if you are handicapped . If you are just plain lazy leave them in the parking lot Winter Range has a very strick policy about carts , they will issue permits for their use if you can prove need
  9. I have 4 or 5 Browning 92's that Bill worked his magic on ,they are super slick Watched Bill do one of his shooting shows . great performance
  10. That maybe correct but a ONE that only happens after 2am when the bar is closing and your condition is blind drunk
  11. Question ? Why did he marry her if he was dating 9's and 10's ?
  12. Richard gives the Answers from now on
  13. If this were my dog I would teach it to walk backwards
  14. Be prepared to practice loading your new 1887 . Lots of practice . They look cool when shot by competent shooters. the newbe shooter is just fun to watch I have had. more Unfired shot shells on the ground than fired. I heard a World Champion state that he hopes all of his competitors use 1887's Thankyou for your service welcome home
  15. That must be the new seedless variety
  16. Use a spring of the same length but with a smaller wire diameter
  17. Too Tall Bob you didn't tell us how big you targets are. why would monthly target distance be different than annual match distances ? I would poll your club members what they would like Granted you can't please everyone If you veried the distances per stage . That would make the shooting interesting . Just remenber this is action shooting not bullseye shooting. Mix things up ,use your range to your best advantage You are blessed with some of the best shooters in the world in Az , they have been shooting and running clubs for many years.
  18. I would buy a nice 22 LR cal. Semi auto carbine along with a couple of bricks of ammo to plink with. More fun and less work . Cheaper also Unless your kids are in training to become brass Pickers at CAS shoot . Just my thoughts CATLOW
  19. If Last Gun is coming Count me in Save me a place
  20. Come for the food stay for the shoot
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