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  1. I think this salad needs some cheese on it
  2. If I can't use a chainsaw to cut the piece of wood then the project is beyond my talent I am not a carpenter Also I am not a gunsmith don't ask how I know this . No pictures ,the negatives were burned
  3. We had a good time today with a great posse
  4. All side Matches are on Friday Main Match on Saturday and Sunday
  5. No No No Old Fart with two hands
  6. Fire Fighters are not paid enough for what the do Thankyou for your service
  7. Saturday only one day away Time to start packing and check your list See you there Catlow
  8. Buy the vinyl and copy to CD
  9. With Ivory grips on it you should nickel the Colt
  10. Safe travels and keep your powder dry Dawg
  11. When you are ready go the rescue shelter to find your new buddy. Those dogs really need you to take one home
  12. The hats are in the truck if I don't have anything else When does Dawg return? See you CATLOW
  13. My Red 1995 F150 was a real bird killer I don't know if it was the color or the design The other pickups over the years since 1970 until now didn't seem to be bird magnets 2017 Red F250 only has one kill in two years but lots of very close calls and I still try to duck down like when riding a motorcycle
  14. Somehow this accident will be determined to be the Officers fault
  15. Thanks for the Butt kicking Rye I am going to find a new catigory to shoot in See you at FIRELANDS
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