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  1. How about phone calls that put you on hold for the next available agent. Then they want to renew a warranty on a vehicle I never owned.
  2. the #22 powder bushing drops 12.6 grains of red dot its supposed to be a reduced load.
  3. Thanks got parts on the way. Renegade Ripley
  4. Been using lee load all. Moved into Mec 9000 want to load 12 ga low noise low recoil using Winchester AA hulls Red dot powder and 7/8 oz 7 1/2 shot What powder and shot bushings do I need? Thanks Renegade Ripley
  5. Howdy Quick Draw, Knife came yesterday and it is amazing Thank you it will be a fine addition to my gun belt, Do you have any others ready to sell and I would like to see your loading blocks I shoot all 45 lc Thanks again Renegade Ripley
  6. Yes, I still have it. Can you do pay-pal? If not your  personnel check will be just dandy partner.

    FORD514@SBCGLOBAL.NET or Michael D. Cory....2904 Bralorne ct....Bakersfield, Ca 93309.

    Just let me know which you choose.  I'll need your address for shipping, don't forget.

    Happy trails & Thank you!


  7. Renegade Ripley SASS # 99446 Fuquay Varina NC Shootin going on 5 years
  8. I got a SDQ on the first stage once, walked to the shooting line ready to go and timer says STOP! your rifle hammer is cocked, not chambered but yep it was cocked, And boy did I get mad at( ME! ) how stupid could I be I said, Learned and never happened again. Renegade Ripley
  9. Thank you Sir, Anything i can dig up i will offer up, Thanks again Renegade
  10. Thanks Tex I have a slide but it only holds 6 so was needing some way to hold a few more. Thanks Renegade
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