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  1. Looking a bolt for the old model Uberti 1866 Yellow Boy Thanks Renegade Ripley
  2. I should have given the warning it is a delicate action to try, this time i was lucky, Thanks Widder Renegade
  3. Just finished one using Coyote Caps method heated the carrier and moved it .05 after polishing away the grove. However be aware they are picky about COL it dont care for the shorter 160gr rnfp but ran smooth as silk with the longer 200gr rnfp this was a trial and error repair. Renegade Ripley
  4. North Carolina Senate Bill 43 is once again coming up for vote, If you live in NC and attend Worship services this might be of interest to you. Last year The Gov. vetoed the vote and the senate was unable to override his veto. Once again i ask you to please contact your Senator, contact the Gov, speak up for your own rights. Go lookup SB43 Thanks Renegade Ripley
  5. In case you want to let the One Representing you in our State Capitol here is the website you can find out by County and look up what there doing. Please email them they will contact you back Never has there been a more pressing time for them to hear from the folks that put them in office. Our 2A fight has to start at the ground floor. Thanks Renegade Ripley House Representation by County - North Carolina General Assembly.csv
  6. As a SASS member and a FFL here in NC i would be glad to do what i can to help. Renegade Ripley SASS # 99446
  7. Thanks Pards it was Ole Slapout i ordered from. Thanks again RR
  8. would like to order more but can not remember who did this wrap.
  9. Received the pony express today, and the package will be going out tomorrow, thanks

  10. Could you give me a call  919-609-4254 would like to talk to you about having a knife made.

    Thanks Renegade Ripley

  11. Yes, I still have it. Can you do pay-pal? If not your  personnel check will be just dandy partner.

    FORD514@SBCGLOBAL.NET or Michael D. Cory....2904 Bralorne ct....Bakersfield, Ca 93309.

    Just let me know which you choose.  I'll need your address for shipping, don't forget.

    Happy trails & Thank you!


  12. Renegade Ripley SASS # 99446 Maysville NC Shootin going on 8 years
  13. I got a SDQ on the first stage once, walked to the shooting line ready to go and timer says STOP! your rifle hammer is cocked, not chambered but yep it was cocked, And boy did I get mad at( ME! ) how stupid could I be I said, Learned and never happened again. Renegade Ripley
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