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  1. Looking for a 9mm die set that will work on a Lee Single stage press. Thanks RR
  2. you still got sand pants and suspenders if so ill take them let me know Renegade Ripley h681172@yahoo.com
  3. So using Red Dot for AA hulls what charge seems to work best for you? Also using 7/8 oz 7 1/2 shot. Thanks Renegade Ripley
  4. Howdy Southwest, Shoot me some Pix and Price were still looking. Thanks Renegade
  5. Again I don't know what to say but Thank you, You sir are the real Spirit of the game. RR
  6. Like Texas Maverick said would ride with you anytime if you ever need anything just ask if I can return the favor its your to ask. RR
  7. My info is Barry Ripley 189 Emanuel Ln. Maysville NC 28555
  8. Im at a loss here what is the price this would be awesome. Renegade Ripley
  9. Anybody got a #4 and #7 for Lee presses they don't need im in need of. Thanks Renegade Ripley
  10. Got a new shooter and she is in need of a shotgun 12 ga as a starter what ya got hiding in the back of your safe or closet? Thanks Renegade Ripley
  11. Is that the best you can do on them pistols I need a pair for my sister she is just starting sass Thanks Renegade Ripley sass# 99446 phone 919-609-4254
  12. Received the pony express today, and the package will be going out tomorrow, thanks

  13. Could you give me a callĀ  919-609-4254 would like to talk to you about having a knife made.

    Thanks Renegade Ripley

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