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  1. I tried that once thinking same thing, always that one slipup.
  2. Have made 2 sets of extended grips for my usfa's. First single grip panel was not so good but was practical experience. I use a belt sander upside down bolted to my bench. a dremel with a sanding drum on it set very slowly and a sanding drum on a variable speed drill. The biggest thing is very little at a time and refit often and feel it in your hands to see if you like it. Takes time and not something to rush, but when you are done they are uniquely yours.
  3. I would concentrate on same caliber. As a new shooter will make your life alot easier for now. Cimarron model p, pietta frontier, very nice clones that shoot well. I would right now not hesitate to mix manufacturers or barrel lengths until find what you really want. If you have shot just rugers try clones. There are reasonable clones on gunbroker that would serve nicely.
  4. gunstockcover.com John Kleider He is in Michigan and does a very nice job. Have 2 of his.
  5. What is that one rule....hmmmmm oh yeah never point your gun at something you go not want to destroy.
  6. Get ahold of john barleycorn on here.
  7. Great combo. Really like the hat. Who made it?
  8. Awwww GW are you still funnin us. Good to see your still kicking after alllllll these years
  9. There has ben alot of hard work, long hours put into setting up the new website. As SS said everything will get worked out.
  10. 127gr rnfp badman with no crimp groove.
  11. Miroku's 2 66's 2 73's one is the pistol grip 24" octagon sporter 1 WR anniversary special uberti All 38/357
  12. No unless someone has made them lately.
  13. Looked into this awhile back. My only idea was to take the uberti straight trigger and have a it somehow machined to fit the miroku. Never followed up on it.
  14. Very well done! Big CONGRATULATIONS!!
  15. I have NV black checkered grips. Would like to get rid of them. Hiw many do you need?
  16. If you show up at a match with that no one would challenge legality. Maybe have your own category " Super large extra big grandiose big grin on face category".
  17. Pietta frontiers out of the box are very smooth and great shooters.
  18. Sorry for all the long posts. Simply my answer was B.
  19. Do not feel invoking intent when am behind shooter looking down barrel at where they are pointing it. You are correct about the OP and proof. Point taken. I see that. Thanks.
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