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  1. I have up for sale my two Uberti Gunfighters in 44-40. They were my main match guns for about 2 years. They have the larger Army grips so you pinky has a place on the grip. They are Taylor Tuned and run smooth. It is rare to find the Uberti Gunfighter model in 44-40. 1200 + shipping & insurance for the pair. They are not consecutive serial numbered but they are only one digit apart. I am only selling them because I have changed from 44-40 to 357 for all my guns and I don’t think I will be shooting these again. “Full Disclosure” I sold these guns to a person on the Wire and he ha
  2. I have a new in box Uberti 1873 carbine in 357. It has a full 20” octagon barrel, a case colored receiver and beautiful wood. This gun has been Taylor Tuned and has the full Comenchero treatment. All moving parts have been polished, with a mild short stroke, large bead front sight, semi-buckhorn rear sight, lever wrap and leather butt cover. The action on this gun is fantastic. 13.5 inch LOP with a 3 Lb trigger pull. 1650 + shipping to your FFL. You can PM me if you have any questions.
  3. This one is sold but I am trying to get another one. BTW all the prices went up for the new year.
  4. Up for sale is a NIB Uberti carbine in 357 that has been Taylor Tuned with the Comanchero action job done to it. The Comanchero® action package includes a custom short-stroke action, lightened hammer and trigger pull, butt cover, lever wrap, semi buckhorn rear sight and gold bead front sight. This gun has a beautiful case colored receiver and an octagon blued barrel. I was lucky to get this gun because things are not going good in Italy with the Covid-19 and all the lock downs. I got it for myself but figured that since I already had one I didn’t need this for a back-up after all. $15
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