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  1. I don't know why I didn't include this information in the original post. They are 4 3/4". They are not the ones that were returned. These are a different pair and they have been in the back of my safe for a few years.
  2. The short stroke in the Taylor's Comenchero treatment is not as drastic as something like a Cody-matic but shorter then the stock full stroke. I have one that I use and I am very happy with the degree of short stroke it has.
  3. I am hoping to get some more in soon. When I do I will post it on the SASS wire.
  4. Thanks for the bump. Why don't you buy them and find out?
  5. I have a pair of Cattleman 1873 Old Model Nickeled revolvers in 44-40 with Ivory grips. It is rare to find these guns in 44-40. I went hunting in the back of my safe and found these. I must have bought them years ago. I don’t remember shooting them but I must have. They are Taylor tuned and have the old 4 click hammers. They are consecutively numbered with a great nickel finish. $1550. + $45 shipping for the pair. I will not break up the set and will only sell them as a pair. Come with the original boxes and paperwork.
  6. If your .357 hasn't sold, please contact me... we'd like to talk about it.  Ranger Mike

    1. Company Quartermaster

      Company Quartermaster




      This gun has been sold and shipped.  I have a couple more coming in within the next two weeks, (i hope)  If you give me your phone or email I will notify you when they come in. t.schultz5@roadrunner.com or 716 693-3237


  7. I have up for sale my two Uberti Gunfighters in 44-40. They were my main match guns for about 2 years. They have the larger Army grips so you pinky has a place on the grip. They are Taylor Tuned and run smooth. It is rare to find the Uberti Gunfighter model in 44-40. 1200 + shipping & insurance for the pair. They are not consecutive serial numbered but they are only one digit apart. I am only selling them because I have changed from 44-40 to 357 for all my guns and I don’t think I will be shooting these again. “Full Disclosure” I sold these guns to a person on the Wire and he ha
  8. I have a new in box Uberti 1873 carbine in 357. It has a full 20” octagon barrel, a case colored receiver and beautiful wood. This gun has been Taylor Tuned and has the full Comenchero treatment. All moving parts have been polished, with a mild short stroke, large bead front sight, semi-buckhorn rear sight, lever wrap and leather butt cover. The action on this gun is fantastic. 13.5 inch LOP with a 3 Lb trigger pull. 1650 + shipping to your FFL. You can PM me if you have any questions.
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