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  1. Get a copy of the Black Powder Cartridge News magazine to see listings of matches in your area.
  2. Where = Central Oregon, I see you are from Texas, and you are more then welcome to shoot with us. It might take a few days of driving just to get to the Texas border, but hey the rest of trip is just a few more state away.
  3. My long range club has a match call the Little Q. Its for rimmed tradition pistol caliber rounds. Rifles are limited to lever repeater and single shots. For safetey, only one round can be loaded at time. The match is not timed, rather its the number of hits that counts, We shoot this match once a month April thru Oct. We use steel gongs for targets, and they are set at 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. You get 8 shots per target with no sighters. I shoot a low wall Browning 1885 in 45 colt. Sights are an MVA Soule and globe front and rear. Never use a post front sight, you want to see all the target thru the front sight. I load my rounds with a 330 grain bullet with a Postell (elongated round) type nose. My cases are made out cut down 454 Casull brass. The 454 Casull uses small rifle primers. I load enough Swiss black power to get about 50 thou compression and still maintain the correct over all length of the loaded round per my rifle's chamber. I use a compression die to compress the powder, never use the bullet to compress the powder. At long distances, you want a very consistent bullet speed, so the bullets do not vertical string (ie spread via high/low due to variants in speed). I use black powder because it gives me the lowest standard deviation on speed. In other words, the speed of the bullets is extremely consistent. I've tried several types and kinds of smokeless powder and none of them can match the low SD of black powder, The use of small rifle primers helps in keeping the low SD numbers with black powder. So how does all this sights and load thing work for me? I am happy to report that I have won that match several times. The shooters using smokeless loads get progressively worse as the distance increases (lots of high/low hits). They keep adjusting their sight to compensate for the high or low hits and end up just making things worse.
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