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  1. Take a good long look at the Browning BPCR hghwall. They came in 45-70 and with a good set of Soule sights. Best bang for the buck too. If you are shooting real long range where the wind blows go with the 45-70. The smaller calibers don't buck the wind as good as the 45s.
  2. Just a reminder, there is no such thing as a "smokeless category"! There are "any propellent" and "black powder" categories for long range side matches.
  3. This is just a test and only a test. Had this been a real - - - - - - - -
  4. If your setting up a rifle for long range, then set it up with target sights. I use the Soule sight from my other long range rifles. I bought another base and mounted on my rifle. I record my sight setting for each range I shoot at. While both calibers will work, my preference would be the 357 with heavy bullets (180 to 200 grains). What ever you do, be sure the rifling twist will support the weight of bullet you shoot. All of my long range rifles tend to work better (ie hit the target more times) when I shoot heavy bullets at moderate speeds.
  5. +4 MVA Soule sites. Most of the sights came with the rifles I have bought along the way. I also started out with MVA's tallest, and the one the has the most windage (real handy when shooting 1000 yards). All my rifles wear the MVA sight bases except one. Its a Baldwin, its a really nice sight. But the Baldwin screws turn opposite direction than the MVA. Nothing wrong with that, except but my habit is to think its an MVA and that can be confusing at times. As for front sights, all my rifles have globes with the inserts and bubble level. The level comes into play at the longer ranges.
  6. If you’re only going to buy one rifle, the best is the 45-70, brass and bullet are easily to come by. I have several calibers which include the 38-55, 40-50 SBN, 40-60, 40-65, 40-80, 45-70 and the 45-90). I have shot 50 yards to 1200 yards matches. The most versatile is the 45-70. I only shoot Swiss BP in mine. I have found that with the right BP loads, I can hit the target more times than using smokeless. When you go looking for the rifle, buy a target rifle with a heavy weight barrel. Hunting weight rifles make for poor performing target rifles. Get a rifle with a pistol grip and
  7. The shooters over at the American Single Shot Rifle Assoc. Forum talk about breech seating bullets a lot. ( http://www.assra.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=reload) You might ask them.
  8. There are several makes tang mounted sites that work well. If long range means several hundred yards, rather than all the way back to end of the pistol pits, then you need a high quality soule type sight, like an MVA, or Baldwin, or Shaver. Don't go cheap on a sight, especially if you want to walk up front and claim 1st place. Once you learn how to use them, high quality soule sights a fast to set up and quick to change setting for different yardages. They flat out work every-time. I have use mine for 20 years and no problems.
  9. Well said!! Only one trouble with your suggestion, it would'n favor the local shooters.
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