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  1. I have never ever wished that my sight was shorter! A long range sight works just fine on short range targets.
  2. When hitting the checkout counter and the little girl behind the counters says "did you find everything OK", I usually respond with: "Yes, I did, but I don't know about the stuff you hid". Usually, the clerk will respond with: But, we didn't hide anything, and I respond with "how should I know that" If you want to have some fun, the next time the checkout clerk asks if you paying with check or card, ask them if they will take US Currency. I've had several ask me to wait while the go and check with their boss. last one: when ordering things over the phone, and you give them your name, the clerk will almost always ask: can you spell it. I will respond with a simple YES, and stop right there and wait. The is always a long pause, sometimes even a little giggle. You can almost hear the brain wheels turning in their heads when they realize that I responded with the correct answer, and that they asked the wrong question. Retirement is really a golden time.
  3. more English rules broken: "i before e except after c" - that's just weird
  4. John Taylor has done several for me. They always turn out very nice. Here is his website: http://www.johntaylormachine.com/38.0.html
  5. The Gold was a high end sxs. Ruger needs to make more of a workhorse type of sxs, rather than a racehorse.
  6. As others have said "talk to your eye doc" . Recoil is all about the weight and speed of the bullet, and the weight of the rifle. All 3 can be played with to cut down on the amount of felt recoil. My son has an 18 pound 45-100 Sharps that he shoots 500+ bullets, that thing kicks very little, more like a 38-55.
  7. Caliber? Well it all depends on how far you want to shoot, and if the wind blows. Larger and heaver calibers carry better than the smaller ones. I have a 45-90, a 45-70, a 45-65 and a 38-55. My son has a 45-100. I’ve been at this long-range game for over 20 years and I can tell the 38-55 will go out to 500 yards. But will it do it when the wind blows? The wind moves that light bullet all over the place, it’s not the best choice. The 45s would be more than optimum for that distance and beyond. The 45-70 will do 1000 yards, but the 45-90 and 45-100 will do it tad better. Just remember the larger calibers also shoot very well at shorter distances too. As for the weight of the rifle, if you are into target shooting, then a heavy rifle is better. My 45-70 weighs in at 14 lbs. My son’s 45-100 hits the scale close to 18 lbs. Weight helps absorb recoil. You will appreciate a light recoiling rifle after shooting a 40 round match. If you are not going to shoot past 500 yards, I would highly recommend a rifle like my 45-70. Mine is a 1874 Shiloh Sharps, but there are other great rifles, like the C Sharps 1874 or 1885 Winchester High Wall. Ya, I know that Shiloh has a long wait for a new one. So, look for a used one. The most bang for the buck is a Browning BPCR (high wall clone), and they come with a decent set of Soule type sights. The BPCR are available used on Gun Broker fairly often. One final thought, learn all you can on reading the wind and adjusting your sight to compensate.
  8. Ya I know that feel all to well also. Its even a longer ride home when my wife beat me and all the other men at the match.
  9. Your Model 71 is just an updated replica of the Model 86. 20 years ago, I re-barreled my 71 with a large and long octagon barrel (button magazine), and had it chambered in the 40-50 Sharps Bottle Necked (SBN) caliber. I wanted a smokeless powder round and the 40-50SBN works great. I use the rifle a few years ago to hit the 800 yard buffalo a the Quigley match 7 out of 8 times. Other calibers based on the 45-70 head and rim should work just fine. If you re-barrel the rifle, just keep the 348 barrel and you can always put it back to the way it was.
  10. Except for light recoiling loads, you will not like a crescent buttstock. So for the shotgun buttstock and pistol grip.
  11. What part of "Winter" is not understood?
  12. For quick lead removal, I use carb cleaner and very tight fitting patch. Only thing is you need to oil the bore right away afterwards.
  13. This is just a test and only a test. Had this been a real - - - - - - - -
  14. If your setting up a rifle for long range, then set it up with target sights. I use the Soule sight from my other long range rifles. I bought another base and mounted on my rifle. I record my sight setting for each range I shoot at. While both calibers will work, my preference would be the 357 with heavy bullets (180 to 200 grains). What ever you do, be sure the rifling twist will support the weight of bullet you shoot. All of my long range rifles tend to work better (ie hit the target more times) when I shoot heavy bullets at moderate speeds.
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